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How to Look and Feel Great at the Pumpkin Patch

As a personal stylist for women, sometimes I have clients who want to save their "good stuff" for special occasions. Think of this as your good china staying in the cupboard until Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

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10 Fall 2018 Trends. Go!
What are the Best Jeans for my Body?

Finding jeans can be especially challenging. Once you find a brand you love, it's common to want to stick with that and just call it a day. But then, after a while, we all want something new, the style is discontinued or it suddenly doesn't fit like it used to. Regardless of the reasons, it can feel like we are on the perpetual hunt for denim. With that in mind, as your very own personal stylist, I thought I'd offer up some suggestions for the right pair of jeans for you right now. After all, fall is just around the corner. Off we go!


Flattering (and current) Jeans for Every Body

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There's More to me than my Face. How do I Take Care of the Rest of my Skin?

It feels like we are bombarded with information about skincare. Well, it feels that way to me, anyway. Thanks to the skincare team at Cake Skincare, I feel like the skin on my face has never looked better. (At 40, that's really saying something.) However, I struggle with the best course of action for the skin on the rest of my body. As a personal stylist for women and kids, ask me about clothes, and I'm all over it. Ask me about skincare, and I turn to Cake.

So, on a recent visit I asked Amber and Kelly, two Cake Skincare Experts, for some advice and realized this is gold for you, Dear Reader. Below you'll find a comprehensive list of what you must know now to take care of your skin. Can't wait for you to read! Happy Weekend!


Body Skincare 101 from the Experts at Cake Skincare

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Seattle Sunday: Announcing the Winner of the Finerie CoLAB Mother's Day Giveaway

Happy Mother's Day, Dear Reader. As your own personal stylist, I'd like to start the day by thanking you for reading the blog and for entering (I sure hope you entered!) the Finerie CoLAB Mother's Day Giveaway. 

If you like Poplin Style Direction on Facebook, follow Poplin on Instagram, follow Poplin on Twitter or subscribe the Poplin newsletter, you were entered to win $100 gift certificate from the Finerie CoLAB for you and another one for your mom. That's $200 in total! That's right. If you do all of the above that's four entries. 

If you shared the giveaway on social media, you were entered 10 times for every share! Believe it. 

So, to celebrate Mother's Day, it's time to announce our winner. Here we go!

And the Winner of $200 to spend as you choose at the Finerie CoLAB is


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How Can I Get Beautiful Lashes?

Ah, Dear Reader, the burning question. Lashes are big, bold and beautiful right now. Long lashes are associated with youth (just take a look at a kid sometime). The longer they are, the more youthful you look. Although, of course, there's a limit. 

But, how is it happening? Is everyone wearing falsies? Are they extensions? Is it a treatment? The answers vary and as your very own personal stylist, my job is to give you the tools you need to find the route to your perfect lash. Off we go!

The Lashes of Your Youth Right Now.

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My Five Favorite (Almost) Waterproof Shoes for Summer. Go!

It's a wonderful thing, living on the coast. Whether you are prone to wandering along the beach for some alone time, digging in the sand with the kids, or something in between, you must have functional shoes to supplement the experience. After all, celebrating the moment is really what it's all about, right? Fiddling with challenging shoes or choosing to stay on beach blanket to avoid walking is, in a word, unacceptable.

To many clients, this means a super functional hiking or walking shoe, fashion be damned. 

Naturally, as your very own personal stylist, I'd argue that you can still look incredible and live an active lifestyle. With that, I'm offering up my five favorite waterproof shoes for summer. You'll never think of rubber the same way again.


Affordable and Ideal in the Elements. Yes, please!

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Care to Join me for After Hours Shopping at the Limited?

Ah, Dear Reader, if this weather does anything, it's inspire us to shop for pieces for spring. And, lucky for you, I have the ideal outing in mind.


You, me & the Limited

Here's the deal, we have a special Poplin Style Direction event planned in the coming weeks. What's so special about it? Oh, I'm glad you asked.

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Must Know Now: Spring Trends that are Right for You Right Now.

While I am well aware that this uncharacteristically warm weather is not good for the world, it has been magical for the wardrobe. On my visit to the the Finerie Colab last week (I hope you've been- apparel including lots of local designers, housewares, design, oh my!), team member Jeannie said to me, "you look like the perfect balance of spring and winter."

Thank you very much, Jeannie.

Upon reflection, I realize that's not an easy tightrope to walk. As your very own personal stylist, I thought I'd share some of spring's trends with you, Dear Reader. And, of course, how to rock them right now. Enjoy!

Spring Fashion Trends You Can Wear Today.

Let's do this.

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The Patriotic Shopper (as in crazy deals for President's Day Weekend)

Oh my! There's nothing like a little retail therapy to make up for not having President's Day off. Wait? You have it off? Well, live the dream, sister. Whether or not you'll be clocking in on Monday, you can start shopping now with CRAZY discounts. 

If you'd be so kind, please remember to click through from the list below as Poplin may receive a commission on your order with absolutely no extra cost to you. Thanks very much for reading the blog and happy shopping!

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Date Night for the Authentic You.

As a personal stylist, I identify each client's body type and help her learn how to dress to flatter her figure. Equally important, I ask her a zillion questions to get to know who she is and how she sees herself in the world. The apex of this process is the identification of style key words. I ask each client to identify key words that she'd like people to use to describe her personal style. Then, we use those words as filters when determining what works best in her closet. You can see examples of these three words on the client page

These next few weeks are all about romance. Whether or not you are planning an outing on February 14th, the holiday's existence has likely inspired you to up your game for a night out. With that in mind, you, dear Reader, inspired me. Below you'll find ten pieces I adore that convey specific key words. Perhaps integrating them into your current collection will help you find your personal style. Need a little more guidance? That's what I'm here for.

The Authentic You on Date Night

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My Favorite Things Right Now.


It's been too long. As you may have noticed, I took a bit of a break from the blog to focus on clients and family. But now I'm back full force. As it is Sunday, I'd normally kick things off with a Seattle Sunday post featuring a local brand, boutique or stylish person. However, I feel a bit of separation anxiety from you, Dear Reader, so instead I'm going to share all the things I've been obsessing over for the past few weeks.

Before I begin, let me say that I'm also in the throes of planning for the year. So, if you have a special love for a type of blog post (Seattle Sundayplus sizekids fashionmenswearstyle tipspick me ups, etc.) please feel free to reach out. I'd love to incorporate your feedback into my planning. With that, off we go!

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Gonna Have a Good Day.

I am all about the music. If you put on just the right track, it inspires just the right outfit and inevitably just the right day. 

So, today, my Dear Reader, I am going to give you a little window into the life of this personal stylist. When I'm styling someone, I try to get into her head, to figure out what she REALLY wants to look like. Then, match that up with her body type and get her there. When I'm creating wish lists, I find it especially helpful to put on music that reminds me of that client. When I'm getting ready in the morning, if I can tear myself away from NPR, I gravitate toward something that is going to set me up for a successful day. 

So, let us begin.

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Of the Moment Party Looks that Are Hiding In Your Closet

Tis the season to hit multiple holiday parties. That means, you need more than one LRD (little red dress) to get you through. And, of course, if you are feeling especially generous this year, that also likely means that you don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend on a little something for yourself. Not to worry! Here are a few of the moment trends that you can rock that you might just have hiding in the back of your closet. 


The best part about shopping your closet? It's always open and it's free. Here's what you are looking for:

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How Do I Style Ankle Boots? Part 1 of 2.

If you caught my recent post about what to wear with ankle boots, you might have a follow up question: How do I actually style ankle boots? Well, Dear Reader, as a personal stylist, I've heard this question repeatedly from clients in recent weeks. So, here's a breakdown to help you get dressed each day.


The Ankle Boot Conundrum: How Exactly Does this Whole Thing Work?

(Part 1 of 2... because there is a whole lot to learn.)

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Seattle Sunday: The Luxury of Alhambra

How many times have you visited Pike Place Market and noticed the breathtaking storefront that is Alhambra? I'm guessing quite a few as owners Serpil and Shakir Kaymaz opened this Seattle Boutique 25 years ago. 

Inspired by the Alhambra Castle in Spain, the interior is even more gorgeous than you'd expect. Serpil, Shakir and their team clearly put a whole lot of love and attention into selecting the pieces they carry. 

It seems only right that you, Dear Reader, have a little incentive to visit Seattle's best kept secret — which has been right in front of you all this time. 


3 Reasons to Escape to Alhambra

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What do I REALLY Wear to the Pumpkin Patch?

As a personal stylist, sometimes I have clients who want to save their "good stuff" for special occasions. Think of this as your good china staying in the cupboard until Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

That approach works for family heirlooms such as china, but how likely is it that you're going to save several of your work appropriate pieces for your daughter 20 years from now? I'm guessing not super likely.

However, it is, of course, important to take care of your nicer pieces and running around in the mud and rain is probably not your first choice for when to pull them out. And, when playing with the kids at the pumpkin patch or out trick-or-treating, it's vital that you are ready to run, jump or ride in the car. Translation: Comfort trumps all. 

But, I assure you that you can still look stylish when celebrating autumn outdoors. Here's how. 

Your Outfit for Autumn Outings. Go!

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Tall & Beautiful? Here's Where You Should Be Shopping.

We spend a lot of time talking about petite and plus size ladies. But, there's less information out there for the vertically inclined. Until now. Please enjoy a list of some of my favorite retailers that cater to the taller women in the world. If not you, please share with the ones you love. You could get a warm hug from a tall lady.

9 Retailers for Tall Women

(in no particular order) 

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