Tall & Beautiful? Here's Where You Should Be Shopping.

We spend a lot of time talking about petite and plus size ladies. But, there's less information out there for the vertically inclined. Until now. Please enjoy a list of some of my favorite retailers that cater to the taller women in the world. If not you, please share with the ones you love. You could get a warm hug from a tall lady.

9 Retailers for Tall Women

(in no particular order) 

1. ASOS.

If you want to step up your style, ASOS is an ideal place to start. There are stylish options at various price points giving you the power to choose. For more details about my adoration of ASOS, check out my post. 

 ASOS Tall Jumpsuit with Sheer Back. ASOS. $85.28.

2. The Limited.

Perhaps it is because there isn't a brick and mortar store in Seattle. Or, maybe it's just because of our local obsession with Banana (aka Banana Republic). But, it's surprising how few women explore the wonders of the Limited. And, if you are tall, the retailer is certainly worth visiting. Professional, affordable and easy to maintain, the clothes work for the busy and stylish woman.

 Tall Wrap Look Sweater. Available in red, navy, mint green. The Limited. $49.95.

3. Old Navy.

It's true. Old Navy is not the most cutting edge brand. But, it is a fantastic way to fill out your wardrobe after you've spent your hard earned cash on some investment pieces. Maternity, petite, tall and plus sizes are all available. Looking for a sweater that is long enough to cover your torso or pants that actually hit your shoes? This is a great place to start. 

 Chambray Shirt in Red. Old Navy. $17.00.

4. Ann Taylor and Loft

For the more conservative set, Ann Taylor (and the slightly less conservative Loft) make mixing and matching easy. Classic styles with feminine touches with items just the right length for you. 

 Tall Faux Leather Trim Plaid Dress. Available in charcoal. Loft. $89.50.

5. J Crew.

You've likely noticed lots of changes over at J Crew these past few years. If you haven't been in a while, it's certainly the time to revisit the retailer. The prices have come down a bit. Right now pieces tend to be a little boxy, so if you have a rectangle shaped body, this might not be the season for you. But, check it out and also take a look at the discount option online. 

 Tall Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill. Available in spinach, navy, black. JCrew. $89.50.

6. Long Tall Sally. 

Rather than hitting a retailer with a small selection of pieces for taller women, why not opt for an company that is 100% committed to dressing you. You'll find some gems and you'll also be weeding through some less than stellar options. But, it can be worth investigating, especially if you are looking for a basic. 

 Stretch Cotton Cami. Available in a variety of colors. Long Tall Sally. $14.00.

7. Topshop. 

Yes! You can be edgy and still stay within your budget. Topshop will be opening a store in Seattle next year. But, I actually prefer the website to the brick and mortar stores because it feels more lux. Nordstrom also carries Topshop. But I don't believe there are tall options included in the current offerings. 

 Tall Padded Parka Jacket. Available in khaki. Topshop. $190.00.

8. Anthropologie.

Believe it. Anthro has a petite collection as well as choices for tall women. So, if you are more into the haute hippie esthetic, pop in. Can't find it in the store? There are more tall options available online. 

 Floral Charlie Trousers. Available in green motif. Anthropologie. $79.95.

9. Nordstrom.

The tall woman's struggles don't end with apparel. Finding larger shoe sizes is an equally troubling endeavor. Enter Nordstrom. With larger sizes available (hello 12 and 13!) options abound. Naturally, you can find clothing in long lengths, as well. Simply type, "tall" into the search field for a quick once over. 

 Zaida Pumps. Available in new burgundy suede, black suede. Nordstrom. $104.96.

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