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The End of Labeling Women's Bodies.

I met with a new client yesterday. As she was talking about her style challenges, she mentioned weight gain. She said, "I used to look like you. Thin. Able to fit into anything at the store. Now, it's much more difficult." 

Like me? Let's be clear, I'm on the heavier side of my weight continuum. Thin like me is not what I expect someone to say. But, it was the reminder I needed exactly when I needed it. Really, we are our own worst critics when it comes to weight. And, this battle over plus size, medium size, extended sizes and the like has me thinking a lot about this. So, I ask you:


Why Do We Need Body Labels at All?

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Care to Join me for After Hours Shopping at the Limited?

Ah, Dear Reader, if this weather does anything, it's inspire us to shop for pieces for spring. And, lucky for you, I have the ideal outing in mind.


You, me & the Limited

Here's the deal, we have a special Poplin Style Direction event planned in the coming weeks. What's so special about it? Oh, I'm glad you asked.

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Tall & Beautiful? Here's Where You Should Be Shopping.

We spend a lot of time talking about petite and plus size ladies. But, there's less information out there for the vertically inclined. Until now. Please enjoy a list of some of my favorite retailers that cater to the taller women in the world. If not you, please share with the ones you love. You could get a warm hug from a tall lady.

9 Retailers for Tall Women

(in no particular order) 

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