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Biggest News Yet

Let me begin by thanking you for being part of the Poplin community. I know I say it frequently, but it is a rare gift to have a job that allows me to help women with something that has the power to really transform their lives. Plus, the world is better when it’s filled with beauty. As a personal stylist for women, I’ve been very fortunate to share in this transformation and to have the especially unusual opportunity to receive public notes of gratitude (a.k.a. reviews.) I am grateful to you for making it all happen.

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The Poplin Style Community Hits the Universal Standard Showroom First.

This has been a jam packed month with not one, but two Poplin events in one month. First, the Poplin Client Party and then a very special gathering for anyone in the Poplin Style community who's interested in pieces starting at size 10. 

You can see photos from the Client event in a previous post. Now, you can also see just a sample of the women at Sunday's Universal Standard gathering. Each attendee received a personalized tour of the showroom and selected her desired pieces from the samples available. Then, she tried them on in the comfort of a showroom filled with supportive, enthusiastic Poplin subscribers and clients. As it turns out, it was a sea of women  making a huge impact on the world. I heard from several attendees that it turned out to be an incredible networking event, too! 

Please enjoy some

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Hey! What are you Wearing?

Hello, Dear Reader! 

I'm still feeling the glorious effects of the Poplin client party. As you know, Naked Truth Beauty and Everling Jewelry were really the stars of the show. Over the summer I've become completely enamored with NTB and have been wearing the lips, eyes and beam (or just the lips/cheeks) plus moisturizer with SPF everyday. That's it. No foundation. No concealer. NTB really swept me off my feet. 

I had become pretty comfortable with

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A Big Night for Poplin Clients, Everling Jewelry & Naked Truth Beauty

Sometimes you just want to scan a photo gallery. Lucky for you, I just posted two galleries from last night's client event featuring Naked Truth BeautyEverling Jewelry AND a

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It's on! Exclusive Event for Poplin Readers at Universal Standard's Showroom. RSVP Now.

Are you kidding me?! One of my favorite brands, Universal Standard, opened a showroom in Redmond. What's a showroom you ask? It means that it's not a standard retail store. You make an appointment for a visit and expect to find a wide variety of pieces that aren't available on the website. This is VERY exciting because the only other showroom is in New York City. 

If you think that's exciting, there's MUCH more. 

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Goodbye to the Limited.

If you have yet to hear, the Limited is gone. Well, the brick and mortar stores are gone. Right now, you can still score crazy deals online. It's unclear whether the brand is officially closing up shop or just going to online only. What is clear, is that we'll have one less place to go for affordable office basics. Alas. 

To pay homage to the Southcenter Store and the team that I adored, here are a few images from the past three years. Special thanks to all the clients who have been texting me about this. Have thoughts on the big news? That's what comment sections are for. 

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Chloe + Isabel Ups Your Style Game & 100% of Proceeds During October Go To Fight Youth Homelessness

Without question, my very favorite combination is fashion and purpose. Whether it's the upcoming fashion show for the Ruby Room that raises money to ensure local teens have hip prom dresses or re-souL's generous donation of brand new shoes for homeless youth, looking good makes everyone feel better. 

So, I am THRILLED to partner with Mitra Ramen from Chloe + Isabel for the month of October. If you haven't checked out Chloe + Isabel, now's the time. Representatives host pop up shops each month that bring stylish, classy accessories into your life. Mitra is an engineer who channels her love of fashion through her work making us all beautiful with Chloe + Isabel. AND she donates 100% of her profits each month to a different nonprofit. Seriously. 

This is officially the perfect time to check out the brand, up your style game in a way that is authentic to you AND help end youth homelessness. Every dollar counts and it feels amazing to show off your pieces while sharing a few words about the impact you've made. Enough talk! Below, I'm highlighting some of my very favorite pieces. This is only the beginning, be sure to peruse the site on your own. No special codes needed. Every purchase supports YouthCare. Happy shopping!


Some Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Your Shopping With Chloe + Isabel

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The 3rd Annual Poplin Spring Forward Event at the Limited is Here!

Happy Friday, Dear Reader!

My grey suede lace up wedges and I were THRILLED when the rain cleared up today. Equally invigorating is the response from clients, friends and readers about this year's Spring Forward event at the Limited Southcenter. 

If you've been following Poplin for some time, thank you. I really appreciate it. You may already be well aware of the annual event at the Limited. If this is news to you, let me fill you in. 


Is the Poplin Spring Forward Event Right for You? 

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What are the Best Jeans for my Body?

Finding jeans can be especially challenging. Once you find a brand you love, it's common to want to stick with that and just call it a day. But then, after a while, we all want something new, the style is discontinued or it suddenly doesn't fit like it used to. Regardless of the reasons, it can feel like we are on the perpetual hunt for denim. With that in mind, as your very own personal stylist, I thought I'd offer up some suggestions for the right pair of jeans for you right now. After all, fall is just around the corner. Off we go!


Flattering (and current) Jeans for Every Body

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My Favorite Things Right Now.

Hello again, Dear Reader!


I've missed you. As a personal stylist, I work with clients to ensure a level of personal care. It's vital that we all take a step back, take some time to regroup and invest in ourselves. I couldn't face you if I didn't do the same. So thank YOU for your patience and support as I took a little break. I'm officially back full force and just in time for fall fashion. Let's begin with some of my favorite things right now.


My Favorite Things Right Now.

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Are You Missing Something?

Happy Thursday, Dear Reader!

I'm enthusiastically working on the upcoming Poplin Style Direction newsletter and something occurred to me: maybe you aren't going to see it.

Oh, Dear. How's that possible? It could be anything. Maybe you don't want emails cluttering up your inbox or you didn't realize there was a newsletter. Perhaps you thought you were on the list, but now that you think about it, you've never received anything. The options are seemingly endless. In the event that you need a little nudging, here are some reasons to get on board. Go!

5 Reasons to Receive Emails From Poplin

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Hey, What Ever Happened at that Poplin Event at The Limited?

What ever happened? Let me tell you!

All Poplin Style Direction clients and individuals on the Poplin email list were invited to the recent Spring Forward event at The Limited SouthCenter. It was glorious. 

Here's what they got:

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Care to Join me for After Hours Shopping at the Limited?

Ah, Dear Reader, if this weather does anything, it's inspire us to shop for pieces for spring. And, lucky for you, I have the ideal outing in mind.


You, me & the Limited

Here's the deal, we have a special Poplin Style Direction event planned in the coming weeks. What's so special about it? Oh, I'm glad you asked.

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