Biggest News Yet

Hello Dear Reader!

I’m THRILLED to see you, as I have much to share.

Let me begin by thanking you for being part of the Poplin community. I know I say it frequently, but it is a rare gift to have a job that allows me to help women with something that has the power to really transform their lives. Plus, the world is better when it’s filled with beauty. As a personal stylist for women, I’ve been very fortunate to share in this transformation and to have the especially unusual opportunity to receive public notes of gratitude (a.k.a. reviews.) I am grateful to you for making it all happen.

On this note, if you’ve been reading these newsletters for some time, you are likely very familiar with my personal commitment to equity and accessibility. I work hard to give young people access to productive, healthy lives through my volunteer work with YouthCare, at my son’s school, and other occasional opportunities whenever I can find them (and time allows) through the Ruby Room, ACLU and many more.

You may have also noticed that Poplin has had a waitlist for new clients for the last several months.

This combination has initiated my launch into, what I’m calling, Poplin 2.0: The era of equitable access to personal style. The same in-depth, high-quality information that Poplin clients enjoy individually will now be available to all members of the Poplin community via a suite of comprehensive resources, available online.

Specifically, you’ll see a new website with a larger focus on content delivery. You can expect regular blog posts and your trusty newsletter, just like you always have. But you can also expect a series of books, each one offering a deep dive into developing your personal style. The first of the series will help you determine your body type and everything you ever needed to know about how to dress that body. Whether you are minimizing, maximizing, accentuating or balancing your frame, these books will be your go-to style resources when you shop.

And that’s not all. Those regular Poplin on Point emails? Wildly successful. So many of you have reached out to let me know that you enjoy specific recommendations on pieces that will communicate your personal style, flatter your frame, work within your budget and align with your values. This outpouring of enthusiasm has encouraged me to find new ways to find you more pieces and the answer, my Dear Reader, is Pinterest.

We’re amping up Poplin Style’s Pinterest account just for you. This is very much in progress and will continue to improve over time. But you can dive in now. See what you think. Pin away. Request new boards. Pinterest offers me the chance to give you options, options, and more options. Plus it’s super fun for me. Job satisfaction is important.

What’s next?

Well, you can expect Poplin 2.0 to hit by April 1, 2018. I've spent this week at the beach finalizing the first drafts of the first six books: one on how to determine your body type, and a book for each of five body types: Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass, Diamond, and Rectangle. These little excursions are sure to continue until everything is up and ready.

Of course, I’m still seeing clients. And, on a personal note, my commitment to YouthCare has grown. Plus, I’m more engaged with female entrepreneurs and have joined Leading Women in Technology’s WILpower program for the coming year. My plan is for all of this energy to benefit you. Expect giveaways for products from some of my favorite Seattle makers, posts focused on brands I adore and ideas to make your life more balanced and increase personal satisfaction. After all, when you feel good about how you look, you are more inclined to do great things. And when you can get ready in five minutes, you are more inclined to devote your time to the rest of this incredible gift we’ve been given, called life.

Thanks for being here. As always, reach out with thoughts or questions and keep me in the loop on your style adventures. Enjoy your weekend!