Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions you'd like answered? Who better to answer those than clients who have worked with Poplin Style Direction? Please feel free to reach out with additional thoughts, concerns or questions.

Poplin Style Direction founder Mellicia Marx with clients and friends at the Poplin Anniversary Party in 2014.

Poplin Style Direction founder Mellicia Marx with clients and friends at the Poplin Anniversary Party in 2014.


Q: I like the idea of having a personal stylist but I'm afraid that she'll try to put me into a box and not see the real me.

This experience is about ensuring that you feel confident that your clothes communicate your personal style. You'll understand what is flattering for your figure and have a handle on current trends. I will listen to you and make recommendations based on who you are and what you'd like to convey. 

"She doesn't force trends or another person's style." -Brittany
"I was concerned that a stylist would project her own style onto me. You didn't do that." -Erika M.


Q: If I use a personal stylist, people will think I'm shallow or vain.

You care about how you look; but that is not all you care about. Rest assured, that is not all I care about either.

"This process is about feeling good in the clothes you wear, doesn't matter what your budget is. It's huge!" -Reenie


Q: I've always thought that only people with unlimited resources can use a personal stylist. I don't wear designer clothes and don't have a large budget. 

Whether we are shopping at a thrift store (yes, I do that!), Forever 21 or Barney's, your needs are front and center. My goal is not to encourage you to spend money, but rather to spend money strategically on items that are right for you.

"I remember there was a green sweater that I have that I could never make work. But, you showed me how to wear it with edgier pieces and now it's a go-to. No need to replace it." -Erika M. 
"My dear husband gifted me Mellicia's services after I had my first child and was preparing for my return to work.When he told me about the gift I thought- wow, that's pretty indulgent...a personal stylist for, ME?  But honestly, it totally exceeded my expectations. It was always about what worked for me, my life, and MY style.  Oh, and she worked within the confines of my budget, too." -Rose


Q: I just had a baby and am at a loss for what to wear. Can Poplin help? 

Oh, can I?! After the birth of my son, I experienced changes in my figure, in my needs, my moods and my clothing budget. Are you headed back to work, still pumping, experiencing weight fluctuation? We'll address all of this and more when determining the best route for you and your style. I also style pregnant women. You might find this blog post helpful, too. 

"That's the change. Before this, I never took the 20 minutes to take care of me. I just went into taking care of the kids. Now, I feel so much better and it takes the same amount of time." -Reenie


Q: I'm waiting to hire a personal stylist until after I lose weight. 

There's no time like the present. Perhaps this blog post will encourage you. 

"Before this, I wasn't feeling good about my body so I didn't feel worthy of wearing cute clothes like I did before the kids. During the closet edit I took out everything that didn't fit. Now, I get to choose from all the clothes in my closet because they fit instead of only choosing one item from lots of things." -Reenie


Q: I'm plus size and need a stylist who understands my needs and my body. Can Poplin help?

Sure thing. Take a look at some blog posts that navigate plus size fashion for extra tips:


Q: I hate shopping. If I use a personal stylist, will she force me to go shopping?

Of course not. We can shop together and I can help you minimize the feeling of overwhelm while learning to navigate retailers. Or, you can opt for the Uber Wishlist and order everything online. Some clients don't purchase any new clothes. It's all about identifying what you need and how best to achieve it. So easy!

"I LOVE that I don't have to put any effort into finding pieces that make me feel amazing." -Heidi


Q: I want a personal stylist that understands what is appropriate for my industry. How will Mellicia know what is work-appropriate and communicates my personal style?

While I've been styling friends, family and total strangers for as long as I can remember, my career spans the public, private and nonprofit sectors. From dating services to fundraising, finance and everything in between, I can assure you that I'm comfortable with a variety of industries. If you'd like, I'm also available to meet you at your office to get the lay of the land. 

"I needed help pulling myself together to begin a new career, and Mellicia did just that, and then some."- Kim M. 


Q: I have always been very fashionable, but I just don't have the time to shop. I want a personal stylist who values and respects my opinions about my look, but also helps me elevate my clothing. Can Poplin help?

Absolutely! I love talking shop with clients and everyone benefits from a fresh perspective. Once you determine your style key words and body type, we'll both have a more intentional handle on your wardrobe. 


Q: This is new territory for me. My biggest concern is that a personal stylist will help me buy all new clothes, but I won't understand how to shop for myself moving forward. And, it will take me forever to get ready in the morning.

Educate, empower, transform. These are our goals. Once you are client, you are always a client and move to an hourly rate versus traditional packages to ensure your individual needs are met. Huzzah! You'll also be the happy owner of an online personal profile the outlines in detail the pieces that are most (and least) flattering for you. Access this effortlessly using your computer or mobile device. We'll make sure you understand how to move forward. Plus, you'll get ready in minutes using your new outfit gallery featuring ensembles from your closet including new and existing pieces. 

"The OUTFITS!  Mellicia actually holes herself up in your closet and puts together outfits from your wardrobe in new and amazing ways.  She takes photos and uploads them to your page. I cannot tell you how much my sleep-deprived mommy brain has benefited from this.  No kidding, this whole last week I've decided what to wear using these photos, rushed to get ready in 10-15 mins, and still get compliments from my office peeps!  Love love love." -Rose


Q: I've had too many "yes" people around me. Will Mellicia tell me when something isn't flattering?

Yes. I'll be direct, kind and constructive. 

"It's like What Not to Wear, but she's really, really kind." -RP


Q: Have you heard any feedback from spouses or partners on this experience? Do they see the value in the financial investment? 


"We have a tight budget and everything you've done totally outweighs the cost. There's a huge change in her. She's so much more confident and has more energy. Now, instead of telling me that she has nothing to wear, she gets to choose between almost 50 outfits from her gallery." -Kadin, Reenie's husband.
"After purchasing the faux leather pants Mellicia recommended. I went down the stairs to ask my husband's opinion: "Wow...that's one hell of a service! Worth every penny!" He REALLY liked the pants. And this is coming from a guy who never really says anything about what I'm wearing. I also noticed in the following weeks that he would randomly compliment me on whatever I was wearing and tell me I look nice. Such an unexpected, but welcome effect on my marriage!" -Tarah


Q: What if I hire a personal stylist and no one can see a difference? 

The lovely text messages and emails I get from clients confirm that they certainly see a difference. 

"Had another Mellicia moment yesterday. Wore the cowl neck leather jacket with a tunic. Super comfy, felt fabulous and got a number of compliments. Best of which was, "Love your outfit and you look tiny!" -Heidi
"My life consists of motherly duties. Now, instead of yoga pants I put on a maxi dress, a scarf and a jean jacket. The other morning a mom at my son's preschool asked me if I was going on a date! I said, 'Yeah, a date with Target.' It feels good." -Reenie


Q: I'd like someone who will help me with my style and provide recommendations over the years, rather than a one time experience. Can Poplin provide that?

"[After three years as a Poplin client] "Getting a list of recommendations from Mellicia makes me feel like a kid at Christmas! I “bite” every time – she totally knows me now and she nails my style to a tee. This makes me happy because I don’t have to spend time on Pinterest or all the different shopping websites figuring out what is new – she does this for me! And even tells me when there’s a sale I can’t miss so I can stock up on things for later." -Kate

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