Giving back

At Poplin, giving back is part of our personal style.

Giving back is woven into every aspect of Poplin and has been since the first day. Here are a few of the ways we give back and some ways for you to give back, too.

Styling Sessions for Homeless Youth ages 16-24

The Styling Team! Chad Everett, Matthew Dill, Mellicia Marx (owner Poplin Style Direction), Courean Napolitano (owner  Vixen Day Spa & Boutique ), Craig Gibson, Randi Eseltine, Maggie Burns (owner  re-souL , not pictured).

The Styling Team! Chad Everett, Matthew Dill, Mellicia Marx (owner Poplin Style Direction), Courean Napolitano (owner Vixen Day Spa & Boutique), Craig Gibson, Randi Eseltine, Maggie Burns (owner re-souL, not pictured).

Since 2014, Poplin has partnered with YouthCare and FareStart to conduct monthly styling sessions for homeless and at risk youth who are in an 8 week training program to become baristas. Whether you are a CEO or a young person on the street, if you don't feel good about how you look, your confidence suffers. These young people, a disproportionate number of whom are LGBTQ or people of color, enjoy an afternoon exploring their personal styles, learning what's appropriate for job interviews and shopping from clothes donated by the community. The sessions are fun and sometimes silly. They also include questions like, "do you have somewhere to store clothes," and often include help with transitioning for trans individuals or learning to feel pretty without feeling objectified. 

How you can help: Donate clothing (for men or women), accessories (belts, handbags, jewelry, etc.), shoes and/or new socks, bras and underwear to YouthCare. These will be used in styling sessions and as resources for other youth in YouthCare's various programs. Consider hosting a Clothing Swap for YouthCare.

Special thanks to Poplin clients who donate clothing to YouthCare and these local businesses who make the styling sessions possible through donations of time or items: re-souL, Vixen Day Spa & Boutique, Baby&Co and TomboyX. 

Styling Sessions for Prom

The Ruby Room is a nonprofit that provides formal wear to low income teens, foster youth, and those experiencing homelessness. Poplin Style owner, Mellicia Marx, is among the people advocating in the video.

The Ruby Room offers young people the opportunity to look and feel their best at prom, regardless of their financial situations. Poplin is a longtime supporter including volunteering to style youth, attending the Ruby Room gala, donating services and more. In fact, one year Mellicia was a judge for the Ruby Room Ion Fashion Event.

How you can help: Donate new or used formal or cocktail attire to the Ruby Room. The organization also needs jewelry, shoes, handbags and all the little things that make prom so magical.

Community Events and other Volunteerism

Every year since Poplin opened it’s virtual doors, we’ve been hosting a table or two at the Annual YouthCare Luncheon. And, that’s just the beginning. From luncheons to fundraisers, donations and more, Poplin is committed to making the world a better place. Mellicia also serves on the YouthCare Board of Directors and Chairs the Development Committee.

How you can help: Join us at one of the Poplin tables at the YouthCare luncheon in March and learn more about the organization’s incredible work.


Poplin gives back financially, too. Below are a few of the organizations that have received monetary donations or gift certificates.

Woodland Park ZooBroadview Thompson SchoolEarly Learning and Development CenterThe Ruby RoomYouthCare, the ACLUPlanned ParenthoodThe Center for Reproductive RightsEarth JusticeNARAL Pro-Choice Washington, The Inc. Co-working space for parents.

How you can help: Donate to your favorite organizations to empower them to do great work in the community. Not sure who to donate to? Check out this blog post with helpful hints.