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Style advice for groups large and small.


Mellicia spoke at Amazon's Health Matters Wellness Conference and shared a few of her secrets through a presentation, "Body Image & Confidence- Defining and Creating Values". In just an hour, she transformed the way I and the audience thought about the impact clothing has on our lives; it's ability to reflect our values, communicate without speaking, mirror our personalities and change the way we feel and think about ourselves.

-Kassie N., Amazon Health Matters Team

As a personal stylist for a number of women who are affiliated with Leading Women in Technology, Mellicia has intimate knowledge of the specific struggles women in tech face when it comes to style. After surveying the audience for their most debilitating struggles getting dressed every day, she offered concrete advice on ensuring your look communicates who you are and empowers you to use that power to kill it at work and in life.

-Susan Seah, Attorney, Leading Women in Technology


The first time I spoke in front of a large group, I was thirteen years old and running for Student Council. I gave a speech to groups of three hundred or so kids all morning long. I've been presenting to groups, large and small, ever since. 

Whether you are looking for a more intimate conversation, a panel participant or a large group presentation, Poplin Style Direction is here. Poplin is all about creating a strategy based on individual needs and that approach also applies to speaking events. The content is tailored for your event and includes a question and answer period. Below are examples of a few focus areas that are commonly requested.

  • How do I express my personal style while wearing a uniform?

  • How do I look professional on a limited budget?

  • How do I express my personal style and still wear clothing that is appropriate for a (woman in tech, attorney, sales person, etc.)?

  • How can I be strategic about getting dressed each day including going from the office to a work dinner, drinks with friends and/or a school function?

  • How can I be comfortable and still look stylish?

  • What are some actionable tips I can use right now to up my style game?

  • How do I communicate my values through my personal style?

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