Repurpose. Repair. Elevate.

Time with the Tailor

This goes way beyond hemming a pair of pants. Schedule time with Mellicia and her favorite tailor. A premium service, the tailor has a fashion design degree and owns several tailoring shops. Prior to the session, Mellicia will help you determine which pieces have the potential to elevate your look and communicate your authentic personal style. Then, she and the tailor join forces to perfect each piece for your body type, personal style and lifestyle. The tailor will return to your house a few weeks later with the pieces in hand so you can try on your renewed collection.

Sustainability shout out: Tailoring your pieces is a great way to make them feel more modern, flattering and authentic to your personal style. This helps your clothes serve you for a longer period of time and helps decrease the number of new pieces you purchase.

$160/hr (1 hour minimum)
Existing clients only

After cleaning out my closet she helped me breathe new life into dated pieces by bringing her tailor to my home where Mellicia and the tailor used their expertise to update each piece and ensure that it was modern, reflected my style, and fit properly.  As a busy working mom I appreciated that the tailor then came back to my house and had me try each piece to ensure the proper fit.  This was an amazing service and I loved that I could extend the life of clothing I really liked and was shocked by how much better the clothing fit after it was tailored to me. 

-Delight R., Poplin Style Client

Try-on sessions and tailoring appointments were in my home, so I felt free to experiment without judgment or pressure to keep something if I didn't love it. 

-Ellen, Poplin Style Client

Tailoring Price List 

(All prices are subject to change and are due on the day of service, payable directly to the tailor. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.)

Pants hemming regular $20.00

Cuff and original $30.00

Taper leg each seam $10.00

Take in waist from back center. $35.00

Take In waist from both side


Lower waist band without pocket and loop $45.00

Lower waist band withpocket and loops $ 65.00

Jacket shorten sleeve regular $25.00

Jacket shorten sleeves with lining $35.00

Jacket shorten sleeves with/buttons/zippers/ linings $65.00

Take in sides $35.00- 65.00

Take in back $15.00_ $35.00

Narrow shoulder on jacket $55-$75.00

Shirt / blouse hemming $25_$35.

Shirt/blouse shorten sleeves no cuff $20.00

Shirt/blouse shorten sleeves with cuff /elastic $35.00 $45.00

Dress hemming first layer $35.00 each additional layers $20.00

Dress take in side $35.00 to $65.00 depends on the fabric and style.

Restyled the neckline $25_$45.00

Skirt take in waist from both side $45.00-$65.00

Take in from back no zipper $35.00

Take in from back with zipper $45-$55.00

Replace the zipper $25-$35 0n pants and skirt

Replace zipper on jacket $45.00- $65.00

Leathers add $15-$20.00 extra based on regular price.

Fur/mint depends on job.

Curtains $20-$35.00 each.