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The Poplin Style Community Hits the Universal Standard Showroom First.

This has been a jam packed month with not one, but two Poplin events in one month. First, the Poplin Client Party and then a very special gathering for anyone in the Poplin Style community who's interested in pieces starting at size 10. 

You can see photos from the Client event in a previous post. Now, you can also see just a sample of the women at Sunday's Universal Standard gathering. Each attendee received a personalized tour of the showroom and selected her desired pieces from the samples available. Then, she tried them on in the comfort of a showroom filled with supportive, enthusiastic Poplin subscribers and clients. As it turns out, it was a sea of women  making a huge impact on the world. I heard from several attendees that it turned out to be an incredible networking event, too! 

Please enjoy some

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It's on! Exclusive Event for Poplin Readers at Universal Standard's Showroom. RSVP Now.

Are you kidding me?! One of my favorite brands, Universal Standard, opened a showroom in Redmond. What's a showroom you ask? It means that it's not a standard retail store. You make an appointment for a visit and expect to find a wide variety of pieces that aren't available on the website. This is VERY exciting because the only other showroom is in New York City. 

If you think that's exciting, there's MUCH more. 

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Care to Join me for After Hours Shopping at the Limited?

Ah, Dear Reader, if this weather does anything, it's inspire us to shop for pieces for spring. And, lucky for you, I have the ideal outing in mind.


You, me & the Limited

Here's the deal, we have a special Poplin Style Direction event planned in the coming weeks. What's so special about it? Oh, I'm glad you asked.

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Join me for an Exclusive Poplin Event at the Limited

Many years ago, I worked at the Limited. I didn't just work there. I spent my paycheck there and I was consistently the top salesperson in Washington state. It should have been obvious to me then that I'd end up as a personal stylist. But, of course, things that are obvious to others are not always so clear to us. 

Regardless, my love affair with the Limited continues and I've had great success with clients who need just the right mix of professional clothes with great fit that are easy to care for. Therefore, I'm THRILLED to announce that I'll be hosting my very first Poplin event at the Limited in Southcenter in mid April. (There are no Limited stores in Seattle, by the way.) 

It will be worth the short drive. Attendees will receive a complimentary gift from the Limited and an additional discount while shopping. Plus, I'll be there suggesting, commenting and helping the 20 guests who will be attending. One of them could be you!

Here's what you need to do to be in the running to be invited to the Poplin Limited VIP Event:

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