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Retailers for the Woman who is ready to Rock Menswear

My favorite thing about Facebook is discovering that two people you thought were unrelated are actually connected. Two friends from different circles, different cities, different generations. Last week, I was informed of one of those happy accidents. Thank you, Facebook.

As it turned out, two friends of mine from different worlds both mentioned me in a comment string for a mutual friend of theirs. She was looking for help for yet another friend finding menswear-inspired clothing for women. You know how much I LOVE helping people out with this sort of thing. So, as your very own personal stylist for women (and kids), it seems only right that I share this information with both friends, their friend, her friend and anyone else who might be struggling with this. Because everyone deserves the joy of expressing him/herself through fashion. Here we go!

Side note: Yes, I understand that menswear-inspired pieces, androgynous pieces, "butch" pieces, etc. are not all the same. Nor am I in any way grouping folks together. The goal here is to offer up some resources for shopping. I'll let you take it from here. 

Rocking the Menswear- Inspired Look? Here's Where to Shop.

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Winterizing Part 2: Chantelle Riley Saves Your Hair

You've heard from the Queen of Brows, now you get to hear from the Hair Queen, Chantelle Riley.

Who is this Chantelle Riley, you ask? She's been Katrina's hair stylist for years (good things come in twos) and I've quickly become a huge fan.

Oh, Dear Reader, you know I'm always looking out for you. And, the best way to illustrate Chantelle's infinite knowledge of haircare and her generous demeanor is to share a few of her tips. I've asked her to give us the 411 on how to care for your hair in the winter. With any luck we'll be hearing more tips and tricks from her throughout the year. 

Chantelle's Essentials for Winter Hair

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Seattle Sunday: It's Time for Some High Quality Shoes (and Accessories) from re-souL.

It may or may not be obvious, but I think long and hard about the subject of each Seattle Sunday post. What are clients asking me about? What's my favorite new discovery? What do readers NEED to know right now?

With that sort of attention, it's been excruciating for me to hold off on this post. But, it was worth the wait!

My hands down favorite shoe store in Seattle is re-souL. That's right.  Hands down.

Because of this adoration, I wanted to kick off the holiday season with a post about this Ballard boutique filled with high quality Italian-made shoes for men and women. But a post just isn't enough. My interview with owners Maggie and Legh Burns resulted in so much valuable information that you'll be seeing tips and tricks from them throughout December. And, read on for more information about how YOU could win your very own pair of men's or women's shoes from the re-souL collection. Off we go!


Why a Visit to re-souL is at the Top of your Holiday To-do List

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What Do I Wear With Ankle Boots?

Like the rest of the world, I'm obsessed with ankle boots. (Don't worry. You can still keep your knee high boots, just move them further back in your closet for this brief hiatus.) Your ankle boots are quickly going to become your go-to shoe.

Researching an upcoming Seattle Sunday post, I visited re-soul in Ballard earlier today. One of my very favorite shoe stores, owners Maggie and Lee also launched their own line last spring. The fall collection is to die for. Expect more of that in the post. Until then, my visit with Maggie and Lee got me thinking a lot about the challenges that clients face with ankle boots. 

As a personal stylist, I witness client after client getting simultaneously excited and apprehensive about the trend. After all, they are a departure from knee high boots and can feel a little more challenging to pair. Not to worry, Dear Reader. Here are five ways to pair the re-soul Brenda Chelsea boot to get you started. Enjoy!


Five Easy Ways to Wear an Ankle Boot

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Are You Playing the Comparison Game?

I used to feel guilty every time I purchased a new piece of clothing or pair of shoes. Until, one day my husband said the most amazing words to me. He said, "you shouldn't feel guilty. That's your art form."


Some people paint, others sculpt, I create outfits in my mind. That is my art form. 

As a personal stylist, having the opportunity to create while helping to teach someone else is incredibly gratifying. Why am I bringing this up? 

In casual conversations people often share with me their admiration for a style guru in their lives. Perhaps it's someone at the office who always looks incredible, a friend or family member. Looking fashionable seems effortless to this guru. She (or he) is always put together, stunning, current. I love hearing about this style guru because that person can be a helpful inspiration during the style transformation process. Seeing someone else's success can inspire us to work toward our own goals. 

The danger is when you start playing the comparison game. When looking at that style guru again and again makes you doubt your own look, feel insecure about attempting a riskier approach to style, or give up all together, we have a problem. That's when I need to step in. So, here I am, stepping in.


Gut Check: Are You Playing the Comparison Game?

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Seattle Sunday: Channel Your Inner Cool Kid at Ludlow

The good people at Ludlow were kind enough to host a photo shoot for the recent blog post featuring modernist quilter Jonathan Armstrong. I'd walked by the shop in Phinney Ridge a number of times, but it wasn't until that photo shoot that I discovered the wide variety of finds that are hidden inside. Ever since, I've known that I MUST share a taste of Ludlow with you, Dear Reader. 

Ludlow: Curiosities For the Cool

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Having Fashion Envy? Time to Add Some Color to Your Life

When you look in your closet today what do you see? My guess is that you’re going to find that there is absolutely no variation when it comes to color. I have definitely been guilty of this, finding myself always drawn to blue pieces when I shop because I’ve found it to be my most flattering color. First of all — how boring. Face it, the people whose fashion sense you envy are the ones that aren’t afraid to be bold or try something new with their wardrobe. 

Let me be the one to tell you that you need a little spice in your life. When you start to venture outside your comfort zone, you’ll find that there are multiple colors and different styles of prints that actually will look fabulous on you — but first, you just need to give them a try. 


Finding the Right Colors for YOU

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How Can I Wear Summer Dresses When My Legs are Still Winter White?

It's almost summer. I wish someone would just tell my legs. This transitional time of year is a tricky one. It's warm enough to wear shorts or skirts without tights. But, our legs may not be quite there yet. Fear not, Dear Reader, there are a few helpful tips and tricks from your very own personal stylist to make you look and feel beautiful right now. Of course, step 1 is always sunscreen. So, make sure to integrate sun protection into your daily routine regardless of the time of year. 

Solutions for winter legs in summer weather.

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Over $500 Worth of Poplin Services just for YOU.

Today I discovered a really lovely review on Yelp. 

I view my role as a personal stylist to listen to the client and translate his or her words into a strategic plan for the client's personal style. I never want clients to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about their closet, their size or their budget. I certainly don't want clients to feel like I'm regurgitating the same information from client to client. Basics, layering pieces, etc. It's much more than that.

It's about a journey to feel great in everything you wear. To feel like yourself. Above all else, to know what looks good on you and how to achieve the most stylish version of you after our few weeks together have ended.

That's why, I'm giving away an Uber Wishlist. 

That's right, a $575 value,

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Seattle Sunday: JCOCO's Couture Chocolate, Do Tell.

I like my Seattle Sunday posts to focus on a local brand, boutique or stylish Seattle-ite. After all, our city has much to offer. So, when I was invited to an exclusive event for local chocolatier Seattle Chocolate's new brand JCOCO, I was doubtful it would fit into my vision for Seattle Sunday posts. But, I certainly couldn't pass up chocolate and wine pairings, now could I?

So, I invited my good friend and very first client, Lauren, to join me for an evening of indulgence. Little did I know that JCOCO would introduce me to "couture chocolate" (that's what they call it!) and the inner workings of a chocolatier while tapping into the love of fashion that so many of us share. 

5 Reasons Why JCOCO is Even Cooler Than I Thought.

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Happy Bike To Work Day. Time to Get Dressed.

Hello Dear Reader. Happy Bike To Work Day! I recently learned that Davis, CA has one of the highest percentage of cyclists per capita in the country at 19%. I must admit, I'm strangely proud of Davis as I'm originally from Vacaville, only 20 minutes from bicycle central. In fact, one of my sisters lives there and bikes everywhere with her daughter right behind. As you can imagine, I've always associated Davis with biking, (now defunct) Recycled Records and a strange law they used to have that stated you could only smoke on the street if you were moving. While I'm not a smoker nor much of a biker, I took note. 

In honor of this special day and the thousands of people who bike to work each day in our city (Hello Dexter!), I thought you might enjoy some fashionable options for cyclists from your very own personal stylist. 

Tips for the Stylish Cyclist

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Try it on!

Editor's note: Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. Love her and you will, too. Enjoy!


Today’s topic is one that really shook my world.

When I first encountered this information on, I was stunned. This gorgeous plus size woman who was probably a size 18-20 was wearing a size L shirt from H&M. I couldn’t believe it. The top fit her perfectly and her post talked about how she had stopped looking at sizes and started looking at what she liked, and what would fit. Mind Blown!

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You Have the Power to Take Control of Your Style.

Clothes are emotional. They can make you feel invisible, powerful, beautiful, confident. They can make you feel like your mother or your sister or someone you don't recognize. Then can make you feel heavy or thin. Or, they can make you feel like you.

It's a funny thing about clothes. Sometimes we can feel self conscious about caring so much about them or about how much money we spend on them. It can feel shallow or vain. But, it's not. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Like music, your clothes can empower you or they can beat you down. They can give you the confidence to do something incredibly intimidating or they can  make you feel like the couch is our only safe haven. The thing I love about being a personal stylist is helping people acknowledge their relationship with clothes and make it work for them.

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Did YOU Win the $50 Gift Card to Bluemercury?

If you follow Poplin on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you know how excited I am about the new Bluemercury store opening at U Village. Tomorrow is the public event with giveaways, makeovers and so much more. Wouldn't it be fun to go with a $50 gift card in your hot little hands? 

After all, they carry a wide array of quality skin care lines including all your favorite natural options and perhaps some new lines for you to discover. They have make-up, a line for new moms, skincare for men and let's not forget the on-site aesthetician. Oh my.

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What's Wrong with 80%? Looking Your Best, Within Reason.

I once had a conversation with a supervisor who said to me, "you can't always do A work. Sometimes, you need to do B or even C work to get it all done." Recently, my husband received similar advice about setting the bar at 80% instead of 100% or, "you'll kill yourself trying." Well, there you have it. 

It's a funny thing about being a personal stylist, it means that people dress differently when they are going to see me. And, I'm pretty confident they expect that I'm going to be up to their standards, as well. I think I am, most of the time. With this new wave of advice, I'm going for 80%. 

Let's be honest. Life is busy, things come up and sometimes we wonder: is it really worth all the effort to put lipstick on before going to the store? 

I think it is.

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Brenda DeVore: Simple Ways for the Stylish Set to Be Green

I'm not going to lie. I'm a consumer. Sometimes, buying something pretty can feel like a guilty pleasure in large part due to the environmental impact of shopping and consumption. But, it doesn't have to be.

In recent months I've had the chance to learn much more about sustainability in the Northwest including local brands devoted to upcycling, recycling and so much more from Recology Store Manager, Brenda DeVore. To celebrate Earth Day, Dear Reader, I asked Brenda to share some of her favorite tips with Poplin. Here's are a few of her favorite tips. I hope you are receiving the Poplin Style Direction e-newsletter. You'll see more of Brenda's eco-wisdom there. She's got a lot of worthy tips!

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Fashion & Function: Spring Outerwear

Many thanks to a reader who recently sent a special request via the Poplin website:

"The weather is so changeable these days. Do you have some suggestions for outerwear that is both stylish and practical for the Seattle spring?"

Another reader asked via Facebook,

"Can you share some ideas for transitioning from winter to spring?"

Ah, how I love questions. And, I'm especially excited about these as I've been on an Uber Wishlist roll lately for several women with very different body types, personal styles and budgets.

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