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Win an Environmentally Conscious Tote Bag made by Local Artist George Jennings (Reusable, Artistic, Diverse AND Versatile)

George and Nakeesa have been friends of mine for years. You may recognize some of the images below from cards I’ve mailed out over the years. Or, you might have seen me carrying around my favorite George Jennings totes. (I have two!) I’m especially excited to share Sophia’s take on George’s work and to give you an opportunity to win one of your own! Enjoy.

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Seattle Sunday: Channel Your Inner Cool Kid at Ludlow

The good people at Ludlow were kind enough to host a photo shoot for the recent blog post featuring modernist quilter Jonathan Armstrong. I'd walked by the shop in Phinney Ridge a number of times, but it wasn't until that photo shoot that I discovered the wide variety of finds that are hidden inside. Ever since, I've known that I MUST share a taste of Ludlow with you, Dear Reader. 

Ludlow: Curiosities For the Cool

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Weight fluctuation got you down?

One of the most frequent replies when I tell someone that I'm a personal stylist is, "I'd love to do that. I'll definitely call you after I lose X number of pounds." Ugh. And, the holidays are the worst when it comes to weight gain.

With the exception of my very slim husband who has some magical gene, there are very few people who don't experience some sort of weight fluctuation. Sadly, as we gain, we tend to stop investing in ourselves and taking pride in our look. 

As a member of this club, I thought I might share some strategies for feeling good about how you look at any weight.

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