Seattle Sunday: Channel Your Inner Cool Kid at Ludlow

 Ludlow. 7315 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle Washington 98103. Hours: Wed -Fri 12p -6p, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 6pm.

The good people at Ludlow were kind enough to host a photo shoot for the recent blog post featuring modernist quilter Jonathan Armstrong. I'd walked by the shop in Phinney Ridge a number of times, but it wasn't until that photo shoot that I discovered the wide variety of finds that are hidden inside. Ever since, I've known that I MUST share a taste of Ludlow with you, Dear Reader. 

Ludlow: Curiosities For the Cool

 Hank Leather Goods.  Hank Leather Goods Handmade Leather Wallet. Available in Natural Essex, Brown Chromexel. See it in person at  Ludlow  or online at  Hank Leather Goods .

1. Accessories.

Whether you are looking for an adventure of your own or an unusual place to bring a friend visiting from out of town, Ludlow fits the bill. Sure, you could find an incredible mid-century modern chair. But you could also find a yak's head. Like I said, it's worth a visit. 

My favorite aspect is the ever changing collection of accessories, many of which are made right here in Seattle. Looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life? Look no further than wallets or bags by local company Hank Leather Goods. See them on Hank's site or see the impeccable craftsmanship first hand at Ludlow.

2. Furniture.

Everything about the shop is very carefully curated. Each piece has its own charm and owner James Peeken is also a generous storyteller, so you feel even more connected to each item. I adore vintage mid-century modern furniture that confirms to guests that your impeccable personal style comes through in your clothes and your living space. James has taken the time to have a number of pieces reupholstered so they look and feel their best.

3. Little somethings.

Style is not just about your clothes. It's about your approach to life. The choices you make every day when choosing how to adorn yourself and your space. Ludlow is for your inner cool kid who loves vintage, handmade, attention to detail. The part of you that loves quality over quantity and one of a kind items. Ludlow is for the you that once shopped at thrift stores but is now ready to invest in high quality items that you'll have for years to come. 


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