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Marimekko + Uniqlo: Pieces for $20 and Under are Still Going Strong

Believe it! The Marimekko + Uniqlo Collab started with a bang. I watched pieces disappear from my cart as I shopped. Simultaneously, clients and friends were shooting over photos of themselves in the Uniqlo dressing room or calling with sizing questions. It was big.

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Tights + Hosiery: What to Buy and What to Wear With Them

This is going to be a keeper, for sure. Many years ago the decision between a bare leg and nylons would determine whether or not I sat next to Johnny Cochran on an airplane. It sounds creepy, but it wasn't. In fact, it was all about airline dress codes and I was forced to choose between putting on my nylons and potentially missing a flight but also having a chance to sit next to Johnny Cochran OR not putting them on, most likely getting on the flight and certainly not sitting near the legal giant. Why am I telling you this? Well, in real life, it's pretty hilarious. But mostly it's because leg-wear matters, people.

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What Handbag do I Wear to the Holiday Party?

It's full on holiday party season. Whether you are off to a nice dinner with your team, a formal event hosted by your company, a themed party or a friend get together, determining what to wear is often a source of anxiety. As a personal stylist for women, I've seen it all. Determining the right outfit is a challenge. Have I worn it before with this crowd? Will it photograph well? Will I be comfortable? These are all good questions.

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Smoothest Skin Ever, Without Spending $50.

I adore body scrubs. My personal favorite is Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Scrub. It's $60. Up until this point, I endured a constant struggle between two parts of myself. The first part enjoys my super smooth legs. The second, and directly opposing side monitors my bank account. 

The struggle is real. And lucky for me, it's over.

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Some of my Favs from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

We wait all year for it, and now it's finally here. In a word, Anniversary. If you have a Nordstrom card, you can pre-shop the sale until July 21st. Why would you do this? Because you can shop fall pieces now. And, I know from experience that sizes go fast. On July 21st, sale prices are available to the masses. When Anniversary ends, pieces go from their sale prices up to full price. It's wacky. It's fun. It's Anniversary. 

The benefit of having your very own personal stylist, Dear Reader, is that I've gone through every piece on sale to call out my very favorites.

One more thing. If you don't have a Nordstrom card (credit or debit), you might think about signing up for one. There's a wide range of benefits that include $20 Nordstrom notes (same as cash at Nordstrom or the Rack) showing up in the mail. If you are a serious Nordstrom shopper, you might also consider a credit card that earns you more Nordstrom notes anytime you use it (not just at Nordstrom).

No, the company didn't pay me to say this. But, it's my job as a personal stylist to make my clients aware of ways to maximize every dollar. 

So there you have it. And now onto some of my very favorite pieces on sale. The selection is pretty great this year, so you'll see a series of posts with more of my favs. Keep checking back. 


Round ONE: Edgy, Urban, Sexy

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Offer Up: Because Craigslist is so Undesirable You Rarely Bother

There was a time when renting an apartment in New York meant that you needed to pay an extra (significant) fee to a broker. Then came Craigslist. When I moved to Brooklyn (nearly a thousand years ago), Craigslist made finding an apartment a breeze. Well, at least I didn't have to pay for a broker. I did, however, encounter potential roommates who, "like to watch Sex & the City, but don't live it. You know what we mean?" 

Um, yeah. I know what you mean. 

I digress.

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The 3rd Annual Poplin Spring Forward Event at the Limited is Here!

Happy Friday, Dear Reader!

My grey suede lace up wedges and I were THRILLED when the rain cleared up today. Equally invigorating is the response from clients, friends and readers about this year's Spring Forward event at the Limited Southcenter. 

If you've been following Poplin for some time, thank you. I really appreciate it. You may already be well aware of the annual event at the Limited. If this is news to you, let me fill you in. 


Is the Poplin Spring Forward Event Right for You? 

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5 Ways to Wear a Ball Skirt. Yes! You Can.

The holiday party season is in full swing and I have exactly one thing on my mind: ball skirts. Believe it. My go-to for parties last year was a DVF jumpsuit. If you are just getting on that train, good for you. Stick with it. Jumpsuits show confidence without being over the top. 

If you, like me, are always searching for the next best thing, if you seek a new way to dress for a party that isn't the same outfit recycled, might I introduce you to the ball skirt? It may seem crazy, but trust me, this one piece can add magic and functionality to your social life. Think holiday parties, weddings, and for the very bold, an evening out. As your very own personal stylist for women in the Seattle area, I will prove to you, Dear Reader, it can be done. 

Let's begin with a definition of ball skirts. They are exactly what you think they are: a ball gown cut in half. My favorites include pockets. The most efficient way to find the right one for you is to hit the Nordstrom website or visit a store. I very rarely send folks to just one retailer, but I'm obsessed with this up and coming style and Nordstrom is really the place to find it locally. Here are a few of my favs. 

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My Five Favorite (Almost) Waterproof Shoes for Summer. Go!

It's a wonderful thing, living on the coast. Whether you are prone to wandering along the beach for some alone time, digging in the sand with the kids, or something in between, you must have functional shoes to supplement the experience. After all, celebrating the moment is really what it's all about, right? Fiddling with challenging shoes or choosing to stay on beach blanket to avoid walking is, in a word, unacceptable.

To many clients, this means a super functional hiking or walking shoe, fashion be damned. 

Naturally, as your very own personal stylist, I'd argue that you can still look incredible and live an active lifestyle. With that, I'm offering up my five favorite waterproof shoes for summer. You'll never think of rubber the same way again.


Affordable and Ideal in the Elements. Yes, please!

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Seattle Sunday: Combat Flip Flops, Bad for Running, Worse for Fighting

Something I love about being a personal stylist is the opportunity to learn from others. Every client is different. She has different preferences, different aspirations and always teaches me something new. Sure, my goal is to teach her how to ensure that her clothes project her authentic personal style. But, that's only the beginning. The process should be transformative, enlightening and above all, enjoyable. 

Something I especially love about being a personal stylist in Seattle is the commitment to community and giving back that I see again and again with each new client. Whether it is a preference to purchase clothing made in America, or with companies who take corporate social responsibility seriously, or quality over quantity, it's not uncommon for new clients to inform me that their clothes are much more than adornment. It is true. Our clothes have the power to communicate our values.

Which brings us to Combat Flip Flops

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Winterizing Part 2: Chantelle Riley Saves Your Hair

You've heard from the Queen of Brows, now you get to hear from the Hair Queen, Chantelle Riley.

Who is this Chantelle Riley, you ask? She's been Katrina's hair stylist for years (good things come in twos) and I've quickly become a huge fan.

Oh, Dear Reader, you know I'm always looking out for you. And, the best way to illustrate Chantelle's infinite knowledge of haircare and her generous demeanor is to share a few of her tips. I've asked her to give us the 411 on how to care for your hair in the winter. With any luck we'll be hearing more tips and tricks from her throughout the year. 

Chantelle's Essentials for Winter Hair

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Seattle Sunday: It's Time for Some High Quality Shoes (and Accessories) from re-souL.

It may or may not be obvious, but I think long and hard about the subject of each Seattle Sunday post. What are clients asking me about? What's my favorite new discovery? What do readers NEED to know right now?

With that sort of attention, it's been excruciating for me to hold off on this post. But, it was worth the wait!

My hands down favorite shoe store in Seattle is re-souL. That's right.  Hands down.

Because of this adoration, I wanted to kick off the holiday season with a post about this Ballard boutique filled with high quality Italian-made shoes for men and women. But a post just isn't enough. My interview with owners Maggie and Legh Burns resulted in so much valuable information that you'll be seeing tips and tricks from them throughout December. And, read on for more information about how YOU could win your very own pair of men's or women's shoes from the re-souL collection. Off we go!


Why a Visit to re-souL is at the Top of your Holiday To-do List

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What Do I Wear With Ankle Boots?

Like the rest of the world, I'm obsessed with ankle boots. (Don't worry. You can still keep your knee high boots, just move them further back in your closet for this brief hiatus.) Your ankle boots are quickly going to become your go-to shoe.

Researching an upcoming Seattle Sunday post, I visited re-soul in Ballard earlier today. One of my very favorite shoe stores, owners Maggie and Lee also launched their own line last spring. The fall collection is to die for. Expect more of that in the post. Until then, my visit with Maggie and Lee got me thinking a lot about the challenges that clients face with ankle boots. 

As a personal stylist, I witness client after client getting simultaneously excited and apprehensive about the trend. After all, they are a departure from knee high boots and can feel a little more challenging to pair. Not to worry, Dear Reader. Here are five ways to pair the re-soul Brenda Chelsea boot to get you started. Enjoy!


Five Easy Ways to Wear an Ankle Boot

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Seattle Sunday: Pirkko — Nordic Style in the Heart of Downtown Seattle

It's a funny thing, living in Seattle. If you live or work near Pike Place Market — a plethora of tasty fresh food, flowers and unexpected finds — you may frequent it regularly. If not, you likely only visit when entertaining out-of-towners. We're so neighborhood-centric, we can easily forget that there are very good reasons to venture outside the ten-minute radius around our houses. 

So, on this beautiful Sunday, my goal is to inspire you to go beyond your neighborhood, and Pirkko is a worthy destination. 

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Are You Playing the Comparison Game?

I used to feel guilty every time I purchased a new piece of clothing or pair of shoes. Until, one day my husband said the most amazing words to me. He said, "you shouldn't feel guilty. That's your art form."


Some people paint, others sculpt, I create outfits in my mind. That is my art form. 

As a personal stylist, having the opportunity to create while helping to teach someone else is incredibly gratifying. Why am I bringing this up? 

In casual conversations people often share with me their admiration for a style guru in their lives. Perhaps it's someone at the office who always looks incredible, a friend or family member. Looking fashionable seems effortless to this guru. She (or he) is always put together, stunning, current. I love hearing about this style guru because that person can be a helpful inspiration during the style transformation process. Seeing someone else's success can inspire us to work toward our own goals. 

The danger is when you start playing the comparison game. When looking at that style guru again and again makes you doubt your own look, feel insecure about attempting a riskier approach to style, or give up all together, we have a problem. That's when I need to step in. So, here I am, stepping in.


Gut Check: Are You Playing the Comparison Game?

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Seattle Sunday: Channel Your Inner Cool Kid at Ludlow

The good people at Ludlow were kind enough to host a photo shoot for the recent blog post featuring modernist quilter Jonathan Armstrong. I'd walked by the shop in Phinney Ridge a number of times, but it wasn't until that photo shoot that I discovered the wide variety of finds that are hidden inside. Ever since, I've known that I MUST share a taste of Ludlow with you, Dear Reader. 

Ludlow: Curiosities For the Cool

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Having Fashion Envy? Time to Add Some Color to Your Life

When you look in your closet today what do you see? My guess is that you’re going to find that there is absolutely no variation when it comes to color. I have definitely been guilty of this, finding myself always drawn to blue pieces when I shop because I’ve found it to be my most flattering color. First of all — how boring. Face it, the people whose fashion sense you envy are the ones that aren’t afraid to be bold or try something new with their wardrobe. 

Let me be the one to tell you that you need a little spice in your life. When you start to venture outside your comfort zone, you’ll find that there are multiple colors and different styles of prints that actually will look fabulous on you — but first, you just need to give them a try. 


Finding the Right Colors for YOU

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