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Ilse Jacobsen for Rain, For Life.

I fell in love with Ilse Jacobsen sometime in 2013/2014 when I finally realized she was the woman behind an unexpected rain boot. They were a mashup between a pair of traditional rubber boots and a pair of Docs. At least, that's how I viewed them. Naturally, she's Scandinavian because that's always been a sweet spot of mine. When I discovered her stylish rain gear. I was hooked. Soon after, Nordstrom started offering a raincoat or two of hers online only. To try one on, I went to Scandinavian fashion central in Seattle: Pirrko. If you haven't heard of this shop, here's my post from then all about it. 

If I haven't mentioned it on the blog already,

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Seattle Sunday: Pirkko — Nordic Style in the Heart of Downtown Seattle

It's a funny thing, living in Seattle. If you live or work near Pike Place Market — a plethora of tasty fresh food, flowers and unexpected finds — you may frequent it regularly. If not, you likely only visit when entertaining out-of-towners. We're so neighborhood-centric, we can easily forget that there are very good reasons to venture outside the ten-minute radius around our houses. 

So, on this beautiful Sunday, my goal is to inspire you to go beyond your neighborhood, and Pirkko is a worthy destination. 

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