Ilse Jacobsen for Rain, For Life.

 Hornbæk Rubber Boot. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $199.

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I fell in love with Ilse Jacobsen sometime in 2013/2014 when I finally realized she was the woman behind an unexpected rain boot. They were a mashup between a pair of traditional rubber boots and a pair of Docs. At least, that's how I viewed them. Naturally, she's Scandinavian because that's always been a sweet spot of mine. When I discovered her stylish rain gear. I was hooked. Soon after, Nordstrom started offering a raincoat or two of hers online only. To try one on, I went to Scandinavian fashion central in Seattle: Pirkko. If you haven't heard of this shop, here's my post from then all about it. 

If I haven't mentioned it on the blog already, I've been taking one on one pilates classes from Union Pilates in Eastlake for some time. I know I'm big on enthusiasm, but this experience has truly transformed my life and I'm looking forward to that continuing. When I was there the other day, I noticed that the owner, Ashley, had the ideal pair of sneakers for her professional style and of course, we started discussing those immediately. To my delight, they were Ilse Jacobsen! You can pick up a pair on Anthropologie online, among other places. With that interaction, I was reminded of my adoration for Isle and am here to share that with you. If you haven't heard of her, now's the time, especially as the rain starts to hit. As always, let me know how it goes. 

 These are Ashley's sneakers! Ilse Jacobsen Tulip Perforated Sneakers. Available in multiple colors. Anthropologie. $78.

 On a visit to Pirkko downtown in 2014. I loved Isle then, I love her now.

 ILSE JACOBSEN RAIN 94. Available in navy, black. Pirkko. $457.

 Ilse Jacobsen Waterproof Buckle Detail Snow/Rain Boot. Nordstrom. $279.

 Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek 'RUB 47' Short Waterproof Rain Boot. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $219.

 Illse Jacobsen Hornbaek Raincoat. Available in brick, yellow. Nordstrom. $179.

 ILSE JACOBSEN RAIN 07B. Available in multiple colors. Pirkko. $339.

 Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk Hooded Raincoat. Available in light blue, black. Nordstrom. $179.


  Ilse Jacobsen   Rub 2 . Zappos. $169.