5 Days: 5 Fall Trends: Military Influence.

 Lauren Ralph Lauren Double Breasted Military Maxi Coat. Available in navy, black. Nordstrom. Was: $420. Now: $314.

Holy crow, Dear Reader. We're at Day 5. So soon? Check back on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 and get ready to dive into our final installment of the Fall Trends breakdown: Military pieces. As a personal stylist for women, I've seen this trend continue to gain momentum year after year. So, it's likely you already have a few military- inspired pieces in your closet. Here are some tips to ensure you are maximizing their awesomeness for YOU.

Making Military- Inspired Pieces

Work for You.

 Camo-Print Bomber Jacket. Forever 21. $19.

1. Find Your Camo.

I have become a big fan of camo over the years. It's an interesting neutral print that is fun to mix and match. Green goes with every color, it's really about the specific shade of green along side the specific shade of the other color. But, you are not limited to green. Consider a white on white camo if you prefer a more subtle approach or grey on grey. Or, just go with solid army green that is not a camo print if that feels more authentic to your style. Being true to who you are is the most important component here. Therefore, there's no need to do the green camo thing if that color is not flattering for your skin tone. Alternatively, wear any unflattering color on the bottom half of your body, away from your face, if need be.

2. Dress it up.

I continue to get positive feedback on a VERY regular basis about this photo of my client Jess, despite her photos having been on the site for some time. In it, she's wearing camo skinnies and a white blazer. We took this pic over a year ago and it's still a very modern approach. Camo doesn't have to mean fatigues. Military inspired coats are another great option. Be sure that the jacket you choose is flattering for your frame. If you have broad shoulders, epilets and other shoulder details will just make them seem broader. Opt for a clean shoulder. 


3. Hot or Cold.

A military inspired jacket is a super functional choice. Select something that can be worn regularly, whether it is a lightweight jacket that you wear all day or a heavier coat that works for cold weather. Now your choices for lightweight jackets includes leather, denim, a blazer, something velvet, a bomber and something military inspired. And you haven't even gotten into your sweater drawer. 

Bam! 5 Days: 5 Fall Trends. Done and done. As always, please let me know how you've enjoyed this info. If you like style tips like these, check out the blog archive category "Style Tips" for more.