5 Days: 5 Fall Trends. Day 4: Grow into a Fan of Florals.

 Kate Spade watson lane boho floral maya. Kate Spade. Was: $228. Now: $160.

Welcome to day 4 of our 5 days of fall trends. If you missed them, be sure to read up on criss cross, sleeves, velvet and tomorrow's final installation. A few years ago I found a long sleeve floral dress on Amazon for $20. I questioned the quality, sure. But I REALLY wanted a long sleeve floral dress that was reminscient of the designer trends of the time and I found this print with giant flowers and woodland animals. It was weird but wonderful. I took the risk and ordered it, despite the shipping fee that rivaled the price of the dress. 

Sadly, it was a bit of a mess. I engaged the tailor to try to save the day, but when something is that wrong, it's hard to make it right. 

Luck for all of us, the bold floral trend is happening. I mean it is happening, people. So, there's no need to make such crazy orders anymore. Even if you weren't a fan of florals in years past, you might surprise yourself with the new prints available. Here are some ideas to get you there.

How to Wear Florals Now.

 Marimekko Oona Tumma dress. Marimekko. $465 + additional 20% off.

1. Remember who you are.

I will never abandon my commitment to the personal style words. As a personal stylist, I ask each client to identify 3 or more words that she'd like people to use to describe her style. Then, we use those words as filters when going through existing clothes and before purchasing something new. Is this edgy? No? Are you sure you want it? What are you trying to communicate here? Get the idea. So, yes, you can always integrate new trends into your wardrobe, but you want to be true to your style when you do. If you want to have a more feminine style, opt for feminine flowers in soft colors or small prints. If you want to be bold, go for stark contrast or larger flowers. Like minimalism but still love the floral trend? How about tone on tone florals as in a white floral dress with white flowers. 

 MAMA Nursing Dress. H&M. $59.

2. Keep them in proportion to your size.

Just like the advice on day 1 about rocking plaids, remember to wear prints that are proportional to your size.

 River Island Plus Size Floral Print Wide Leg Cropped Pants. ASOS. $64.

3. It's like math.

Unexpectedly, I use the phrase all the time when it comes to getting dressed. Most notably, I am chatting about body types. In this case, it's all about balancing your approaches to create the desired end result. If you like grandma print florals because they have a vintage vibe and you pair them with standard black pants and black flats, you run the risk of ending up with an uneventful look. However, if you pair the same top with a leather skirt and heels plus red lipstick, you have a sexy vintage vibe. I'm guessing the second is more desirable. So, if you have a floral print that is a minus one when it comes to edgy/ sexy, you need to pair it with a plus one (leather skirt) to get you to zero. Want to really pull off edgy sexy? Add one or two more (red lipstick plus heels). Make sense? Ultimately, edgy/sexy wins the day with a grandma floral print top in the mix. 

Four down, one to go. Let me know how you are feeling about this 5 Day approach.