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Elevate HIS Style with Luxury Goods from Beckett Simonon

As a personal stylist for women, my blog posts tend to focus on style advice for women. However, when I find something I simply adore for the fellas, you can be sure you are going to hear about it. Currently, I’m obsessed with Beckett Simonon. From the business model to the value and of course, the product, there are an array of reasons to discover this beloved brand.

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How to Look and Feel Great at the Pumpkin Patch

As a personal stylist for women, sometimes I have clients who want to save their "good stuff" for special occasions. Think of this as your good china staying in the cupboard until Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

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Seattle Sunday: Combat Flip Flops, Bad for Running, Worse for Fighting

Something I love about being a personal stylist is the opportunity to learn from others. Every client is different. She has different preferences, different aspirations and always teaches me something new. Sure, my goal is to teach her how to ensure that her clothes project her authentic personal style. But, that's only the beginning. The process should be transformative, enlightening and above all, enjoyable. 

Something I especially love about being a personal stylist in Seattle is the commitment to community and giving back that I see again and again with each new client. Whether it is a preference to purchase clothing made in America, or with companies who take corporate social responsibility seriously, or quality over quantity, it's not uncommon for new clients to inform me that their clothes are much more than adornment. It is true. Our clothes have the power to communicate our values.

Which brings us to Combat Flip Flops

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Baby Steps: The Evolution of my White Clogs and What this Means to YOU

You might remember last month's post featuring some of my early summer obsessions. At the top of the list: my white patent leather platform clogs from Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. 

They were bold. They were free. I wanted them. I got them. I had to figure out how to wear them. Then I did.

My Wackadoodle Clogs Over Time & Applying this Strategy to Your Purchase

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My Love Affair with SoleStruck. Because Ugly Shoes ARE a Global Issue

Dear Reader, 

I have a confession to make: I am unabashedly SoleStruck. 

Months ago, the good people at DIGS Showroom in Ballard held an event featuring Portland brand SoleStruck. Not only did I have a lovely time, leave with an incredible swag bag that just keeps on giving (thank you, DIGS!); but I also bought a pair of edgy and functional heels. Thrilled, we went home. By the next day I was a proud winner of a free pair of shoes from SoleStruck. Woot!

And so it began.


My Love Affair with SoleStruck.

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My Current Fashion Obsessions

I love this day already. I was driving through Phinney Ridge when I saw a mom and her toddler in full Seahawks gear waiting for the bus. The bus stops have been jam packed all morning and it was pretty clear they weren't going to  make the parade. So, I thought, why not take them there? As it turns out, Annie and her son, Abe, were up for it and off we went. After all, I had a carseat, which is some sort of universal sign that I'm not a serial killer and that I can also safely transport your toddler.

In the end, they are happy, I am happy and our city overall is bursting with joy, which is unusual and incredible. Plus, later today I get to try on a couple of Valentino dresses from the Citizen Rosebud. I'm living the dream. 

Because I have so many things I'm excited to tell you about, I thought today's post could focus on my current obsessions. There are many. Here we go!

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Seattle Superbowl Sunday: Football Meets Fashion

Whether you are a die hard fan or just along for the ride, you are undoubtedly going to participate in Sunday's game in one way or another. I'm posting this a little early to help you plan your ensemble for the big game.

Fashionistas may be excited to learn that members of the Nordstrom family were the first majority owners of the Seahawks, with Lloyd W. Nordstrom signing the franchise agreement in December, 1974. If you've been to a Nordstrom store lately you've likely seen the "12" decals on the doors. It all comes together.

Nearly 40 years later, I thought we could root for the home team from the personal stylist perspective with:

My 12 favorite Seattle Seahawk inspired shoes. 

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Fashion & Function: Holy Comfortable Flatform, Batman

I heart a good platform. But, in a city filled with hills and a lifestyle involving a toddler and a substantial amount of walking, comfort is almost as important as style. (Yes. There are limits.) 

Therefore, one of my very favorite things, is finding a beautiful, memorable shoe that is also functional. My current obsession, the J Fresh loafer from Steve Madden. Observe it's awesomeness:

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5 Ways to Ensure You Look Smashing at the Holiday Party

Welcome to yet another holiday party season. A good friend recently said to me, "finding a dress for a holiday party is one of the most stressful things you can do." Oh, my. As it turns out, this is a pretty common feeling. 

So, last weekend when I was loaning another friend some of my favorite party pieces for her work holiday gathering, I realized that there are some tried and true ways to ensure that you look incredible at the party, in the photos afterward and most importantly, in your own mind. 

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I own it. Now, how do I take care of it?

Ah, the eternal question: I own it. Now, how do I  <insert need here>? Iron, wash, protect, the list goes on. As you may have noticed, Dear Reader, I'm all about the vegan leather/ pleather (let's face it, usually plastic) fabrics that are all the rage right now. After purchasing a few items, I quickly realized that I wasn't exactly sure how to address wrinkles. Hence, this post. 

Here are some handy tricks that will help you keep your fall finds looking their best all year long.

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Black Friday in Ballard.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means the official crazy town of Black Friday is merely days away. Excited to start shopping for friends and family, but not so enthusiastic about shopping at 6 AM and the general beat down that has become part of this ritual? 

Well, I have good news for you. Actually, great news! 

Ballard retailers are doing something a little different. They are starting the season of giving with -- giving! Participating businesses will be donating a portion of their Black Friday revenue to local nonprofit organizations. That means when you shop locally, you help local nonprofits. And, you are sure to find some of your very favorite gifts, too. 

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An alternative to Danskos: Tsubos

One magical day last year, I discovered Tsubo.  Fashion forward with a focus on comfort and craftsmanship, the brand won my heart. I found a pair in the incorrect box at the Rack, clearly hidden away from other shoppers. I won.

I've had that pair of Tsubos for over a year and they are a clear go to when I know I'll be on my feet for a substantial amount of time AND I want something edgy that attracts attention.

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