Fashion & Function: Holy Comfortable Flatform, Batman

Steve Madden, "J Fresh" loafer. Nordstrom.

I heart a good platform. But, in a city filled with hills and a lifestyle involving a toddler and a substantial amount of walking, comfort is almost as important as style. (Yes. There are limits.) 

Therefore, one of my very favorite things, is finding a beautiful, memorable shoe that is also functional. My current obsession, the J Fresh loafer from Steve Madden. Observe it's awesomeness:

 Jill Sander Creeper loafer. Barneys. Was: $625. Now: $129.

I bought a pair several months ago and immediately started wearing them daily. On day 1, I visited a parking meter on the sidewalk, our son's daycare, a mall, the library and a party. At EVERY location, someone gushed over my shoes. At the library a lovely young woman interrupted my son and I reading to ask where they came from. Yes. Awesome. I've been pairing them with cropped skinny pants and bold stripes. In order to make these work, you want to wear them with clean lines and make sure you are showing off you ankles (and the shoe). Embrace them. 

I must admit that it took a few days to break them in, but I'm now living the dream. As it turns out, the "creeper loafer"  or "flatform" is turning into a trend. In the event that you, too, enjoy a memorable shoe that is comfortable and can be paired with a wide array of items in your closet, here are a few others. 

 Classic Faux leather loafer flatform cork wedge shoe. $46.99

 New Kid Claude Flatform loafer. Urban Outfitters. $180.