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How to Look and Feel Great at the Pumpkin Patch

As a personal stylist for women, sometimes I have clients who want to save their "good stuff" for special occasions. Think of this as your good china staying in the cupboard until Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

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Finally, a Swimsuit that Flatters your Figure

Seriously, a swimsuit? It's February. 

It certainly is. For many of us, that means an escape to warmer weather. For others, it could mean visiting a local indoor pool or an opportunity to sit in a hot tub despite the cold weather. Strangely, I've had occasion to wear a swimsuit several times in the last week or so and I'm definitely hyper aware of what flatters and what doesn't. 

Current and flattering swimsuits for your body. Go!

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An Easy Fix to a Complex Problem

Yesterday was a thinking day. I spent the morning listening to a few dark stories on NPR. Then, I devoted some time to friendly acquaintances who've recently experienced tragedy. Yes, thinking for sure.

It's a funny thing, being a personal stylist. At first glance it can seem shallow and unnecessary. But, it truly is a quest to help people take the time to value themselves. I get to help them feel confident that they are expressing who they really are, so that they can unleash their power to do great things. It is, in fact, pretty darn rewarding. 

This thinking day evolved into two questions: Do you value yourself? And can anybody else tell whether or not you do?

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Fashion & Function: Holy Comfortable Flatform, Batman

I heart a good platform. But, in a city filled with hills and a lifestyle involving a toddler and a substantial amount of walking, comfort is almost as important as style. (Yes. There are limits.) 

Therefore, one of my very favorite things, is finding a beautiful, memorable shoe that is also functional. My current obsession, the J Fresh loafer from Steve Madden. Observe it's awesomeness:

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I own it. Now, how do I take care of it?

Ah, the eternal question: I own it. Now, how do I  <insert need here>? Iron, wash, protect, the list goes on. As you may have noticed, Dear Reader, I'm all about the vegan leather/ pleather (let's face it, usually plastic) fabrics that are all the rage right now. After purchasing a few items, I quickly realized that I wasn't exactly sure how to address wrinkles. Hence, this post. 

Here are some handy tricks that will help you keep your fall finds looking their best all year long.

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Monday! Monday! Monday! My favorite deals

Legend goes that once you are back at the office on the Monday following Thanksgiving, your super online shopping begins. We're pretty sure that started when we all had dial up internet at home and something slightly above dial up at work. So, whether or not Cyber Monday is still relevant is questionable. 

Something we can count on? The absolute gloriousness of a good deal.  

Therefore, in celebration of Cyber Monday, here are my favorites. Get them while you can!

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The Evolution of Menswear: Looking hot and hip as you age

I recently received a request for a blog post about fashion for the hot hip urban man in his later years. Later as in 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond. As you can imagine, retailers aren't using many models in this demographic, so finding the right look can be challenging.* 

This got me thinking about the evolution of menswear. Decades ago, men and women "dressed" for the day. Somehow over time, with the decline of the suit, came the decline of the expectation that men put together a thoughtful ensemble each day. By the 90's, a man who put some effort into his look was known as a metrosexual. It was unusual, for sure.

Nowadays, men have become fashion enthusiasts- talking about clothes, grooming products, tailors and retailers with pretty much anyone anywhere. Personally, I'm pretty excited about this transition as someone who loves menswear and is lucky to be married to my very own fashionable fella. 

This also means that there are more opportunities for pieces that are functional and fashion forward for men of any age. The key: stay relevant and true to your style. Here's what you need to know now:

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Your clothes do not define who you are.

And neither does your car or your house or your job. Who you are is defined by your actions, your words, your thoughts.  

Your clothes are tools to communicate to others who you are and how you see yourself.  For those of us who love clothes and shopping, they can also be a creative expression -- what is more gratifying than finding the exact pair of shoes to go with a dress?

Are you funky and unconventional as a recent client of mine described herself? Or sophisticated, vibrant and inspiring confidence? Do you value yourself enough to invest some time into looking and feeling great each morning? Or are you in a constant battle with the clock to prioritize your needs in the overall balance of your household? It's not always easy, but how we look does impact how we feel and how we behave. It also greatly impacts how others treat us. 

So, as we head into rainy weather and the half yearly sale at Nordstrom, I thought it might be nice to pass along a few tips to help you, dear reader, feel good about how you look out in the world, even if you only have a few minutes and even less motivation when getting ready. 


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