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The Essential, Elegant, Timeless Must-Have for Fall!

Author, coach, mom, all around bad ass and Poplin Client, Julie, is the picture of confidence in her animal print coat. It's time to get your animal print on, my friend. Whether you are going full force with texture AND print, like Julie, or you'd prefer something a little less bold, this is the season to stock up. Remember, animal print is a neutral and can be paired with virtually any color.

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Body types: Dressing your body at any size

It's about balance, not about size. As a personal stylist for women, I find this concept comes up pretty regularly. The loudest voice we hear is our inner voice and more often than we'd like, that inner voice can actually be the voice of the inner critic. 

We're all familiar with the inner critic. She has all sorts of opinions on career, parenting, keeping the house clean and so on. She also, has some very strong feelings when it comes to our bodies. 

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Your Must Have Colors for Spring

Oh it's happening. Spring 2018 is upon us and that means new colors to introduce into your wardrobe. Introduce? Meaning I don't already have them in there? Indeed. While it's possible you have a few of these beauties floating around. It's likely that you don't have many, whether or not you love them, simply because we haven't seen this color palette in a while. And it's not surprising. Fashion and style are combatting tough times with playful, happy pieces to help us wake up, smile and fight the good fight. 

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Can loungewear be chic? Yes!

Editor's note: Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. Jordan's research on Sizeism was just featured in an article in the Everett Herald. Check it out! Love her and you will, too. Enjoy!


Dear Reader,

Few things are more gratifying than shedding your work clothes after a long day and putting on something comfortable. While pulling on my trusty old college sweats and a tank I wondered what others wore to hang about...So I went on a quest. I questioned family, friends, and co-workers looking to find what people preferred. I found that most like loose fitting pants that stretched yet still held a shape, and a jersey tank or tee. One gal mentioned that she called this look "lounge-chic." She described it as the balance between comfortable shoes that are easy to move in while maintaining the ability to open the door or run to the grocery store without embarrassment.

So I wanted to see how I could elevate my own lounge wear to "lounge-chic" and naturally, I wanted to share my findings with you. Because Poplin Style Direction focuses on knowing what works best for your body shape (as well as your personal style) I wanted to utilize the body types to help pinpoint some great choices for various body shapes.

Lounge Chic

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Finally, a Swimsuit that Flatters your Figure

Seriously, a swimsuit? It's February. 

It certainly is. For many of us, that means an escape to warmer weather. For others, it could mean visiting a local indoor pool or an opportunity to sit in a hot tub despite the cold weather. Strangely, I've had occasion to wear a swimsuit several times in the last week or so and I'm definitely hyper aware of what flatters and what doesn't. 

Current and flattering swimsuits for your body. Go!

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An alternative to yoga pants: The maxi skirt

Welcome to autumn in Seattle. With the recent cold foggy mornings, it's no wonder we hear the call of our favorite yoga pants. If you're a mom of young children, the call might be more like a shout.  

Don't give in. You can still be comfortable and look great. One answer: the maxi skirt. It's just as easy to throw on as a pair of sweat pants. Pair it with the same v-neck t-shirt and a cardigan you were planning to wear, add a scarf and you are suddenly chic. 

Most maxis are super functional, but take care to find the one that fits your needs. A few of my favorites:  

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