An alternative to yoga pants: The maxi skirt

Welcome to autumn in Seattle. With the recent cold foggy mornings, it's no wonder we hear the call of our favorite yoga pants. If you're a mom of young children, the call might be more like a shout.  

Don't give in. You can still be comfortable and look great. One answer: the maxi skirt. It's just as easy to throw on as a pair of sweat pants. Pair it with the same v-neck t-shirt and a cardigan you were planning to wear, add a scarf and you are suddenly chic. 

Most maxis are super functional, but take care to find the one that fits your needs. A few of my favorites:  

1. The jersey maxi. It allows you sit on the floor with a toddler or your pet without worrying about how you will get back up. And, the soft fabric is just as cozy as your pajamas.  This belted option is especially flattering for diamond and hourglass body shapes because it defines your waistline. The lines create curves on a rectangle, which is always a good thing. 

 New Look belted jersey maxi skirt. ASOS.


2. The maxi with pockets. My personal favorite skirts and dresses have pockets. Grab your keys and phone and off to the park or market you go. No handbag necessary.

 Lagenlook maxi big pockets. Sophia Clothing. $64.99


3. The maxi dress. Feel like staying in bed? Just grab your favorite maxi dress, add a bold necklace or scarf and you are off. Easy and sophisticated.  I have one very similar to the dress below and it is a regular go-to. The cowel neck is flattering on top, the defined waist and a little extra stretch around my hips is great for my triangle shape. For  a bustier woman, the dress is modest, but not sloppy. 

 Cavatina maxi dress. Anthropologie.


A tip about hemlines, they draw attention. So, if you are wearing a skirt that hits mid calf, it will make your calves look larger. This works well for inverted triangles, for example. Full length maxis are flattering for most every shape, as long as you balance the top of your outfit so you don't look sloppy. Try something fitted.

Then depending on what is most flattering for your silhouette, draw the attention up- with a scarf, bold jewelry or a print shirt or down- by adding shoes with personality or choosing a bold print maxi.