Functional items so hip, I just might start biking

I am obsessed with these pants and I don't bike. 

 Lulu Lemon Urbanite pant. $128.   

Whether you call it passion for my profession or codependency, I spend a great deal of time thinking about how a woman can look great at the office when she lives the lifestyle of the average Seattleite. Bike to work? Yoga on your way into the office? Boot camp at Greenlake before the sunrises? 

If I spend my time trying to convince women to kick it up a notch when going out in to the world, I'd better tell them how. 

Lesson 1: Wear these pants. 

I came across these at a Lulu Lemon store in Arizona. They are higher in the back so that you can lean over the bars without showing skin. Roll them up to reveal reflective detailing that's especially useful as our days get shorter. Breathable, comfortable and super cool, you can walk right into a meeting without needing to change your clothes. Obsessed, I say. 

Lesson 2:  Keep the wet stuff wet and the dry stuff dry. 



 Wet bathing suit bag. $38. Ame and Lulu.

More than one client has shared her struggles with keeping work out clothes from contaminating her handbag. This is the answer. Sure, it works for wet bathing suits. But, it also works just as well for your workout clothes after the gym. Alternatively, you can place your travel mug in here on the way home if you are concerned about drips. 

Ah, items that look cool and are super functional. That's where the magic happens.