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Winterizing Part 2: Chantelle Riley Saves Your Hair

You've heard from the Queen of Brows, now you get to hear from the Hair Queen, Chantelle Riley.

Who is this Chantelle Riley, you ask? She's been Katrina's hair stylist for years (good things come in twos) and I've quickly become a huge fan.

Oh, Dear Reader, you know I'm always looking out for you. And, the best way to illustrate Chantelle's infinite knowledge of haircare and her generous demeanor is to share a few of her tips. I've asked her to give us the 411 on how to care for your hair in the winter. With any luck we'll be hearing more tips and tricks from her throughout the year. 

Chantelle's Essentials for Winter Hair

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Need a Free Pick Me Up?

Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to have some disposable cash to buy something pretty. This is especially gratifying when we've had a challenging day or are not loving our options when we get dressed each morning.

Unfortunately, extra cash is not always on hand. What to do? 

Here are a few tips for FREE solutions to style-related questions.

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Seattle Sunday: Make-up & Hair By Hanna Mazur

Fancy February continues. When the weather is cold and dark, the most appealing thing to do is crawl up in a ball, covered in fleece, holding a cup of coffee and wait it out. Sadly, we aren't actually able to do that. So, if you can't avoid leaving the house, why not embrace it?

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Commemorate the Holiday With Your Very Own Valentino.

For those of you who've been following Poplin on Facebook, you've certainly noticed my recent obsession with Citizen Rosebud, reseller of vintage and pre-loved clothing. I have her to thank for three coats in the last month. So, you can imagine my excitement when she told me that she had two, not one, but TWO Valentino dresses that she had yet to list for sale. 

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Zara Seattle: The Flagship that Exceeds your Expectations

Every once in a while, I like to try to see things as if I'm seeing them for the first time. It's fun to remember the wonder and excitement that accompanied my first meal in Seattle, for instance. We ate at the Triangle in Fremont. Built to Spill was playing and I had just seen the sign in Fremont claiming the neighborhood as the "Center of the Universe". Built to Spill on the speakers, reference to one of their songs on the sign, it was meant to be. So every once in a while when I drive through Fremont, I try to imagine that this is my very first time seeing the sign and the bridge once again. I can almost hear the music.

Where am I going with this? Zara, Dear Reader. I am going to Zara. Tomorrow, you'll be able to go on your own. But today, I'll do my best to take you with me and we can both experience Seattle's very first Zara — a flagship store, in fact — for the first time.

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Conserve Water: Buy Clothes.

I am a major political junkie. Plus, I'm originally from Northern California, and lived through a drought in my childhood. The result of these factors is that I'm hyper aware of our water usage. Lately, the news has been filled with talk about water- whether it's a story about contaminated water or a lack of rain, it's pretty clear that using a little less water would be helpful to the planet, but also ease my guilt, which is always helpful.

It occurred to me that you, Dear Reader, may be having similar issues (although I hope for your sake they are less intense.) I'm confident that we don't need to find more things to feel guilty about. So, I thought I'd make a few suggestions about how we can feel good about conserving water and still buy new clothes.

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Seattle Sunday: Olive & Boone

I'm going to try something a little different for Seattle Sundays this February. I call it Fancy February. Oh, yeah, Valentine's Day, right? Date night. Love, etc. Right? 

Nope. Actually, I've been thinking more about how we give ourselves permission to indulge on special occasions, like our wedding day, for instance. I'd like to challenge you to think of the last time you totally indulged in something that made you feel unquestionably beautiful. Please tell me it wasn't your wedding day. If it was, that's a good indication that Fancy February is for you. (Apologies, I started calling it that and couldn't bring myself to choose something wittier.)

The goal of Fancy February is to highlight local sources that will enable YOU to indulge today, because you can.

Let's start with hats from Olive & Boone. 

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Special Request: The Perfect Necklace

My very stylish friend, Kelly, sent me a special request:

"I'm looking for a short statement necklace that I can wear with everything. Not too elaborate, please.  Ideally with a little color. Everything I have is long and metal."

I love a good challenge.

Here are a few of my favorites:

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The Winners Just Keep Coming

Remember that glorious contest to ring in the New Year with a Neu Year Calendar? I do. Why? Because I gave one away and because I happen to have one in my office and use it daily. I also remember it because it inspired some other readers to buy their own. (Plus, Jesse from NeuYear sent this incredible video over about how to remove permanent marker from a dry erase board. The guy is awesome. )

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My Current Fashion Obsessions

I love this day already. I was driving through Phinney Ridge when I saw a mom and her toddler in full Seahawks gear waiting for the bus. The bus stops have been jam packed all morning and it was pretty clear they weren't going to  make the parade. So, I thought, why not take them there? As it turns out, Annie and her son, Abe, were up for it and off we went. After all, I had a carseat, which is some sort of universal sign that I'm not a serial killer and that I can also safely transport your toddler.

In the end, they are happy, I am happy and our city overall is bursting with joy, which is unusual and incredible. Plus, later today I get to try on a couple of Valentino dresses from the Citizen Rosebud. I'm living the dream. 

Because I have so many things I'm excited to tell you about, I thought today's post could focus on my current obsessions. There are many. Here we go!

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Seattle Superbowl Sunday: Football Meets Fashion

Whether you are a die hard fan or just along for the ride, you are undoubtedly going to participate in Sunday's game in one way or another. I'm posting this a little early to help you plan your ensemble for the big game.

Fashionistas may be excited to learn that members of the Nordstrom family were the first majority owners of the Seahawks, with Lloyd W. Nordstrom signing the franchise agreement in December, 1974. If you've been to a Nordstrom store lately you've likely seen the "12" decals on the doors. It all comes together.

Nearly 40 years later, I thought we could root for the home team from the personal stylist perspective with:

My 12 favorite Seattle Seahawk inspired shoes. 

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An Easy Fix to a Complex Problem

Yesterday was a thinking day. I spent the morning listening to a few dark stories on NPR. Then, I devoted some time to friendly acquaintances who've recently experienced tragedy. Yes, thinking for sure.

It's a funny thing, being a personal stylist. At first glance it can seem shallow and unnecessary. But, it truly is a quest to help people take the time to value themselves. I get to help them feel confident that they are expressing who they really are, so that they can unleash their power to do great things. It is, in fact, pretty darn rewarding. 

This thinking day evolved into two questions: Do you value yourself? And can anybody else tell whether or not you do?

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3 Ways to Wear Your Holiday Dress... Again.

I had a conversation with one of my favorite people yesterday and it, like so many conversations we've had before, it centered around her holiday cocktail dress. My friend purchased this dress for a wedding late last fall and had trouble styling it to her satisfaction. Last night, she mentioned that she was planning to wear it again for a nonprofit fundraiser, but still didn't feel like she had the proper accessories... or something.

We've all been there. We buy a dress we love with the hopes that the styling will come together. Sadly, we discover we aren't sure what shoes to wear or jewelry. And, forget about staying warm at the party. 

So, as a tribute to all of us who've stared at the dress we love, but never wear, in our closet, here are three ways to rock that holiday cocktail dress before next Christmas.

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Fabulous Fashion on a Budget

When I was 12, I desperately wanted a pair of Guess jeans. So, I started saving up until I reached the $50 needed for the pair I wanted- black pegged Guess jeans. Everyone else had blue so I was especially keen on the black. Anyway, because I didn't receive allowance it seemed like it took a lifetime to earn the money, although it was likely a few months.

In the end, I rode my bike the long way to Macy's (sadly fashion sense does not give you a sense of direction) with my stash of cash to buy just the right pair. When I arrived, I discovered that I couldn't bring myself to spend my entire savings on one pair of jeans. That was the day I discovered that you can express yourself without spending your life savings- which led to years of vintage clothing stores, colored tights and my first "major" fashion purchase, green three hole Dr. Martens. 

Last week I met with a new client who took me back to my roots- fabulous fashion on a budget. Everybody loves a deal, here are a few tips to get you there:

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Make an impact with a bold neutral

Here's something I've noticed- a large percentage of women (and lots of men, too!) truly love the experience of a mani/pedi. The relaxation, the final result. You name it, they love it. What is especially interesting to me is that  nail care can be a very effective and low barrier way for someone to communicate his/her personal style. You might notice someone rocking fleece and a pair of jeans with manicured nails, for instance. 

The real battle is finding the time (I'm talking to you parents and/or workaholics!) and choosing the right color. As a redhead (thank you hairdresser and the joys of color), my bold nail color is orange-red. But, when that isn't calling to me, I am a big fan of neutrals. Wah wah. Right? Nope! Not, "I don't notice your color because it is so neutral." Instead, "holy cow. That nail color is awesome," despite being a neutral. 

And, as a special treat, I'm going to show you the brands I used… which are not at all fancy. It looks like a trip to the drugstore is in order.

As we are in the month of financial cutbacks, here's an inexpensive way to up your game: Make an impact with neutrals.

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Surrounded by Love: The Co-conspirator

Hello, Dear Reader. I've been surrounded by love and I hope you have, too. The average person is probably still recovering from the holidays and questioning his or her New Year's Resolutions. In contrast, I'm all about the countdown to Valentine's Day. And, if you have been considering a style update, perhaps you are, too.

I've mentioned before how frequently partners purchase my stylist services for their loved ones (husbands, wives, friends, parents).  It's pretty great for me because not only do I get the joy of helping someone discover his/her style identity, I also get to help execute a surprise. You should know, surprises are at the top of my favorite things list. 

So, might I suggest that it is officially time to start dropping hints to your loved ones (or to yourself!) that you deserve a style update. (I'm leading by example by dropping some mad hints to you right now.) They say it takes the average person 3 to 7 times of hearing something before they internalize it. In this case, more is more. 

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Don't be afraid to be pretty.

You may have seen my Tweet about starting to style for the young adults at YouthCare who have recently graduated from the Barista Training Program. I'm crazy excited about this opportunity to help homeless and formerly homeless teens look their best as they enter into their careers. 

As I discussed the logistics with the staff, I was reminded that there may be individuals who feel self conscious about their bodies because they are survivors of abuse. Understood. In fact, 1 out of 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys in the US are sexually abused and youth on the street report an even higher rate. I realize this is dark for a style blog, but I'm going somewhere, I swear. 

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Three times my clothes changed my life. Really.

I strongly believe that your clothes should help you achieve your goals, not inhibit you from reaching them.

That means that if your heel is too high and you opt out of a great adventure simply because your feet are killing you, your clothes aren't doing you any favors. Conversely, if you are convinced that comfort is your paramount goal, opportunities may pass you by. 

As a fan of empirical evidence, here are a few examples from my own life to help seal the deal:

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