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Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to have some disposable cash to buy something pretty. This is especially gratifying when we've had a challenging day or are not loving our options when we get dressed each morning.

Unfortunately, extra cash is not always on hand. What to do? 

Here are a few tips for FREE solutions to style-related questions.

Have other tips to share or questions to ask? Just let me know!

Q: I'm not feeling so feminine, beautiful or well, sexy, lately. What can I do to remind myself that I'm a beautiful woman? 

A: You may have seen my post on what you wear to bed. Personally, I think that can have a dramatic impact on how you feel both at the end of the day and at the beginning.

After you've tackled your nightwear, try this: Without spending a dime on new clothing, I highly recommend shaving, waxing or sugaring.

I can hear you telling me that you already do that.

I'm not referring to shaving to your knee or your mid-thigh, also known as the functional shave. Shave to your bikini line or if you are a fan of a brazilian, go for the full monty. You'll be surprised how much more feminine you feel when you are grooming yourself as if you are planning for a hot date, whether or not that is the case. 

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Q: I want something new but need to wait until next month to buy anything. Besides selling some clothes to a consignment shop, what can I do right now to satisfy this craving?

A: Let's go with Occam's Razor on this one, "simpler explanations are, other things being equal, generally better than more complex ones." (Thanks, Wikipedia!) The simplest solution here is to use the clothes you have. How?

Wash & iron.

Seriously? Seriously. I recently decided to surprise my husband by ironing all of his shirts for work. All of them. It took me 6 episodes of the Good Wife until 3 in the morning. I can't tell you how gratifying it was. If you are a checklist person, this is your jam. The results were incredible, the options for his ensembles multiplied exponentially. Imagine what you could accomplish if everything you loved was clean at the same time. Every pair of tights, every cardigan that you keep meaning to send to the cleaners, every shoe that you intend to polish. Dig in. Don't have the cash to send everything to the cleaners? Dryel can be a game-changer for dry clean only clothes.

Do it all and you'll have outfits to spare for weeks. Need a little more help? Perhaps someone to make outfits for you out of your clothes accessible via your computer or mobile device? You know where to find me.

Sure, having resources makes things much more fun. But, I found equal success in the same week with two clients: one with a $2,000 budget and one with a $300 budget. Even when money is tight, there are always ways to look and feel your best. Let me know how it goes!

 InStyle Virtual hair make-over. In case you like experimenting at your desk!

Q: I'm in a rut and out of cash. Help, please.

A: Change your hair without using scissors. 

Move your part to the other side, pull your bangs back with a headband or if you always wear your hair straight, go curly. Do you pull back your hair everyday? Wear it down. 

You are sure to turn heads and get lots of compliments, which are especially nice when you are in a rut. And, these solutions are temporary. Repeat for a few weeks or just try changing your hair for one day. Once you return to your previous look, you might find it perfect once again. Looking for a little fun with your hair. Try this! It's a virtual hair make-over from InStyle. 

An entirely new woman without spending a dime. Enjoy it!

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