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The Ideal Family Photos- Stylish and Affordable

The Happy Film Company Photo Shoot Package is $550. 

This includes a 45min photo shoot and all digital images (approx. 75-100). 
You can add a video to your package for $175. 

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How to Look and Feel Great at the Pumpkin Patch

As a personal stylist for women, sometimes I have clients who want to save their "good stuff" for special occasions. Think of this as your good china staying in the cupboard until Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

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Marimekko + Uniqlo: Pieces for $20 and Under are Still Going Strong

Believe it! The Marimekko + Uniqlo Collab started with a bang. I watched pieces disappear from my cart as I shopped. Simultaneously, clients and friends were shooting over photos of themselves in the Uniqlo dressing room or calling with sizing questions. It was big.

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I Ordered From ASOS and You Can, Too.

Clients and regular readers have likely noticed that I'm a fan of UK company, ASOS. Affordable and fashion forward, ASOS offers an array of styles, colors, prices and current trends for the man or woman who loves clothes. After weeks of ruminating on whether or not I should order a red skirt from the company as my inaugural ASOS purchase, I was swayed by these words coming from my husband. "Red, a-line, midi, neoprene with pockets. You still haven't bought that? It's everything you love." 

He was right. Naturally, that night I ordered the red skirt.... and the same thing in yellow.... plus a vinyl shirt. Um, yeah.

As a personal stylist locally, I've discovered that very few people I've interacted with have ordered from ASOS. With that in mind, I thought you might find it useful to hear how it went.

I ordered from ASOS and why YOU should, too.

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Need a Free Pick Me Up?

Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to have some disposable cash to buy something pretty. This is especially gratifying when we've had a challenging day or are not loving our options when we get dressed each morning.

Unfortunately, extra cash is not always on hand. What to do? 

Here are a few tips for FREE solutions to style-related questions.

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Fabulous Fashion on a Budget

When I was 12, I desperately wanted a pair of Guess jeans. So, I started saving up until I reached the $50 needed for the pair I wanted- black pegged Guess jeans. Everyone else had blue so I was especially keen on the black. Anyway, because I didn't receive allowance it seemed like it took a lifetime to earn the money, although it was likely a few months.

In the end, I rode my bike the long way to Macy's (sadly fashion sense does not give you a sense of direction) with my stash of cash to buy just the right pair. When I arrived, I discovered that I couldn't bring myself to spend my entire savings on one pair of jeans. That was the day I discovered that you can express yourself without spending your life savings- which led to years of vintage clothing stores, colored tights and my first "major" fashion purchase, green three hole Dr. Martens. 

Last week I met with a new client who took me back to my roots- fabulous fashion on a budget. Everybody loves a deal, here are a few tips to get you there:

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I just want something new. But my budget said, "no!"

Who hasn't been there? You roll over in the morning, look inside your closet and feel utterly uninspired. Worse. You feel overwhelmed. Whether you are overwhelmed or underwhelmed, sometimes we all just want something new. And, sadly, our bank account is not hearing why we MUST have that new pair of boots. 

What to do?

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Be strategic about your style & your money

For those of you who have been around me, you undoubtedly know that one of my very favorite things is telling random people how to find something I'm wearing that they like. Yup. Conversations commonly go as follows, "I love your (let's go with dress)."  

"Thank you so much. I got it at (let's go with Target). You should go get one. They have several colors and it was only $28."  

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