I just want something new. But my budget said, "no!"

Who hasn't been there? You roll over in the morning, look inside your closet and feel utterly uninspired. Worse. You feel overwhelmed. Whether you are overwhelmed or underwhelmed, sometimes we all just want something new. And, sadly, our bank account is not hearing why we MUST have that new pair of boots. 

What to do?

 ASOS Vintage style cocoon coat. $195.78

Shop your closet.  I know, it sounds so easy. You've heard it before. But, there are some glorious gems in there. Trust me. Perhaps some strategies might help.


1. Grab a friend. 

Everybody has that friend who says nice things to you about your clothes. I love that friend. It could even be your husband or wife. All you need is an enthusiast. Invite said friend over, set aside some time for the two (or more) of you, grab a beverage and shop.  Your closet has everything a boutique has. Let your friend dig through and find what she considers to be your hidden gems. Try things on as if you've never tried them on before. Put together new combinations. Indulge. 


2. Weed out the clothes that are dragging you down.

Few things are more depressing than clothes that don't fit, are out of date or out of season. At the bare minimum, move them to another room. Feeling ambitious? Get them out of the house. When I do a closet edit with a client, we focus on the end result- a closet that is inviting and exciting. You shouldn't see anything in there that you can't wear tomorrow.

 Evelina blouse. Anthropologie. $188.


3. Find current trends in your closet.

 Pack green merino wool turtleneck sweater. J Crew. $85

As I was writing a recent blog post about the super trend of leather and vegan leather, I came across a really spectacular leather skirt at ASOS. So cool! I needed it. Why? Well, I just knew how good it would look on me and how well it would go with so many other items in my closet. But, again, why? Because I had one that was essentially the same thing already hanging in there. I hadn't worn it for years. In my previous life in nonprofits, a leather skirt just didn't seem appropriate. But, now? Yes! That set me on a phase of wearing that skirt 3 or 4 times over the following weeks. According to Glamour, 2013's most wearable fashion trends are: winter white, knit beanies (seriously!), classic patterns, over the knee boots, turtlenecks, shades of green (uh-huh!), slouchy pants, statement outerwear (love!), folk inspired pieces and rounded shoulders.

Yes, there are current trends in your closet.

So, don't let your budget bring you down. Set aside some time for yourself and shop at home- for free.