Finally! Kids consignment made easy

 Previously worn Oilily girls dress. Moxie Jean. $35.99

Today's magnificent cold crisp weather got me very excited about coat and boot appropriate weather. I have a personal obsession with coats- colored coats, vintage coats, faux fur coats and the last few years leather and vegan leather. When I moved across the country years ago, I only shipped my electronics and my coats. You can imagine the space that storing these coats takes. 

 Previously worn Abercrombie shirt. Moxie Jeans. $11.99.

So, the changing weather and bringing the coats and boots out into easier access parts of the house has launched us into a full on purge of , well, nearly everything. As you've likely seen on the Give Back page, we're all about the donating. And, I must admit I don't have much patience for selling items through consignment. 

But, I came upon something incredible recently that I thought might be very helpful the parents out there. So, here you go.

Moxie Jean. Not only do I style adults, I create customized trunks for kids. Essentially, a trunk is a season's worth of clothes for your youngster based on his/her personality and your budget. During the process, I often find that parents share a similar challenge: Balancing the instinct to purge unnecessary items with the desire to somehow profit off of the investment you make in clothing for your kids. 

Enter Moxie. Moxie Jean is an online consignment store for kids clothing. When you request a bag, they send you a large shipping back with the postage pre-paid. You fill it with all the items you are hoping to sell (any season accepted!), but willing to part with even if it's for free. Then, Moxie Jeans buys some things and then donates the rest. You can use the credit toward other purchases or simply take cash. More details on their site. 

 Pimenton Funnelneck Coat. Anthropologie. $450.

So, whether you are trying to make more space for your… um.. coats… or are hoping to make some cash off of your child's apparel after he/she has grown out of it, this is another option.

Happy purging! And may you have space for this season's must have- the colored coat.