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Seattle Sunday: Trendspotting at U Village Means Free Stuff for YOU

Ah, University Village- the place you go shopping when you are entertaining out of towers.

It's relaxing, can technically be counted as time "outdoors" and has an array of destination retailers without fighting for parking downtown. 

September offers up thirty plus excuses to get to U Village fast. 


What's Trending at U Village and Why it Matters to YOU

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What's the Difference Between 24 months & 2T?

As you know, Dear Reader, I am a personal stylist for men, women and kids. Although the blog predominantly focuses on women's fashion, I LOVE chatting about kids styles and the perplexities involved.

On a personal note, our three year old envisions a different occupation every day and builds his ensemble accordingly. Frequently, we're adding jersey numbers out of colored masking tape to tees or reflective trim along cuffs for our little fireman out of, you guessed it, masking tape. So, tip #1 for dressing a toddler with a vision: start with masking tape.

I digress.

When our little ones transition from baby to toddler, it can be challenging to navigate the fashion terrain. Here's a trivia question to wow the crowd at your next playdate,

What's the Difference Between 24 Months and 2T When Shopping for Kids Clothes?

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COS. The Basics You've Been Searching For Come to America.

I remember fantasizing about the day H&M would finally come to Seattle. Then, it did- with three stores opening almost simultaneously. Suddenly, I didn't need to buy 10 pairs of tights every time I visited New York or Chicago. Life was good.

This month, life just got a whole lot better. Enter COS (Collection of Style). The H&M owned brand is all about effortless, paired back basics. Timeless minimalism for men, women and kids. While we don't have a brick and mortar COS in Seattle, we are FINALLY able to shop the brand here in the states thanks to the magic of the inter web. 

5 Reasons you MUST Visit Now

1. You get a discount.

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Wait a minute. The blog looks different or is that differently?

Dear Reader, you are so perceptive. It's no wonder we get along so well. 

It's true. The blog has, in fact, changed. As it turns out there are an abundance of posts and more to come! So, in an effort to make it easier for you to see previous posts that interest you, we've truncated the posts so that more posts will fit on one page.

Missed some earlier topics? Some of the most popular include: Don't be afraid to be prettyWeight fluctuation got you down? & Menswear Essential: The structured overskirt. 

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Zara Seattle: The Flagship that Exceeds your Expectations

Every once in a while, I like to try to see things as if I'm seeing them for the first time. It's fun to remember the wonder and excitement that accompanied my first meal in Seattle, for instance. We ate at the Triangle in Fremont. Built to Spill was playing and I had just seen the sign in Fremont claiming the neighborhood as the "Center of the Universe". Built to Spill on the speakers, reference to one of their songs on the sign, it was meant to be. So every once in a while when I drive through Fremont, I try to imagine that this is my very first time seeing the sign and the bridge once again. I can almost hear the music.

Where am I going with this? Zara, Dear Reader. I am going to Zara. Tomorrow, you'll be able to go on your own. But today, I'll do my best to take you with me and we can both experience Seattle's very first Zara — a flagship store, in fact — for the first time.

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Finally! Kids consignment made easy

Today's magnificent cold crisp weather got me very excited about coat and boot appropriate weather. I have a personal obsession with coats- colored coats, vintage coats, faux fur coats and the last few years leather and vegan leather. When I moved across the country years ago, I only shipped my electronics and my coats. You can imagine the space that storing these coats takes. 

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Bringing order to chaos: Hanging your child's artwork

When our son was born, we couldn't imagine a time when he'd be drawing or painting. Now, his toddler artistic career is in full swing. We wanted to display his pieces, but found that we were quickly overwhelmed with the sheer number of them. We needed a solution that highlighted the work, but kept everything looking organized and esthetically appealing. (We're like that.) Plus, he really enjoys seeing his work and talking about when he made something.

So, I offer to you not one, but two genius solutions:

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Must Haves for Kids: YSL Activity Book

My husband and I are the proud uncle and aunt to 11 nieces and nephews. Yes. 11.

11 year old Isabel, is destined to be a fashion executive or run a small country or a large one. The possibilities are endless. She has a gift for fashion, dance and is learning French in school. So, when we heard that her world traveler aunt Jenna was taking her to France for her first trip out of the country, we KNEW exactly what she needed to accompany her on her journey:

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