COS. The Basics You've Been Searching For Come to America.

 Flared cotton dress. COS. $115.

I remember fantasizing about the day H&M would finally come to Seattle. Then, it did- with three stores opening almost simultaneously. Suddenly, I didn't need to buy 10 pairs of tights every time I visited New York or Chicago. Life was good.

This month, life just got a whole lot better. Enter COS (Collection of Style). The H&M owned brand is all about effortless, paired back basics. Timeless minimalism for men, women and kids. While we don't have a brick and mortar COS in Seattle, we are FINALLY able to shop the brand here in the states thanks to the magic of the inter web. 

5 Reasons you MUST Visit Now

1. You get a discount.

Is it wrong to start things off with savings? I say, "no!" Go to right now and you can save 25% off your first order simply by signing up with your email address. 

 Cotton beach bag. Available in grey, yellow. COS. $45.

2. Menswear: From basics to suits. 

Years ago at an ACLU Fundraiser, we saw a dapper young man in a very hip plaid suit. Naturally, we asked about it only to discover it was from H&M. Shocking. If you are a tall lanky fella, or a vertically challenged gent with a rounder frame, you are unlikely to find the right suit here. But, if you are somewhere in between, don't be afraid to experiment with COS's "tailored" pieces. Otherwise, COS offers a wide array minimalist pieces that we all crave. Solid colors, slim fit, no branding, that's what you'll find. 

 Slim linen blazer. COS. $250.

3. Kids: Where fashion and function collide.

I'm always on the lookout for hip and affordable kids clothing. After all, Crewcuts has it's place, but there are very few people who live there. Sticking with a minimalist but not boring approach, COS clothing for kids is just where you want to be. Plus, who can resist a poplin shirt?! Not me.

 Cotton poplin top. 1-8 years. COS. $35

4. Women: A little something for everyone.

Okay, at first glance you're going to notice the urban minimalist pieces. This will either thrill you or make you feel that COS is just not your style. I encourage you to look again. Effortless and stylish, items that can absolutely flatter your figure if you know what you are looking for, no brand names plastered across the top, wearable season after season....

If this appeals to you- COS might just be what you've been searching for. 

 3/4 length t-shirt. Available in navy, yellow, white. COS. $25.

5. Because you love Washington State and so does COS.

You'll enjoy the 50 Reasons COS loves America with a little something from each state. 

Time to get shopping. Enjoy!


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