3 Experts Take You to the Beach Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2. See part 2.

As you may know, I spend a great deal of time near the water. In our city, it's so easy to do. With the Summer Solstice right around the corner, I thought I'd share some of my favorite tips for hitting the beach. Even better? How about I ask two other very knowledgeable women to do the same. Please enjoy some helpful tips directly from professional organizer, Annie Traurig and hair and make-up artist, Hanna Mazur. 


Beach Essentials

 Annie Traurig, Professional Organizer and Owner of Live Simply By Annie.

Annie Traurig, Owner, Live Simply by Annie

1. Wet Laundry Bag

Having to deal with wet bathing suits after a day at the beach can be unpleasant. All of you will probably have made the mistake at some time or other of plopping wet articles of clothing directly into your beach bag. Hours later (that’s thinking optimistically) you discover your books and magazines have gotten warped from moisture, your spare clean, dry clothing is now sandy and damp, and your bag, itself, has taken on a distinctly stale, mildew smell. Get yourself a wet laundry bag and you’re guaranteed never to have to deal with that hassle again.

 Wet Happened Laundry bag. The Container Store. $17.99. Poplin side note: We have that whale bag AND I used to have that bathing suit. I knew I liked her!

2. Trunk Organizer

Your time at the beach will be far more enjoyable if your travel to and from is more organized. Trunk organizers like this folding version with a cooler are the perfect thing for beach days; fill the cooler with cold drinks and snacks and use the other compartments for holding beach bags and towels. Best of all, you can carry the whole thing with you from trunk to shore. The magic efficiency of one trip…

 Picnic at Ascot Trunk organizer and cooler set. Amazon. $54.95.

3.Zippered Pouch

Keep things like cell phones and cosmetics organized and safe from sand and sea with zippered pouches.

 MMF Industries vinyl zipper wallet. Amazon. $6.57.

 Hanna Mazur Professional Hair and Make Up Artist

Hanna Mazur, Owner, Hanna Mazur Hair and Make-up Artist

Below are a few of my favorite products whether you are going to the beach or want to look like you were just there.

  • Tan Towel Towelettes
  • Bumble and Bumble surf spray
  • The Balm tinted moisturizer spf 15
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer
  • Trish McEvoy beauty booster gloss spf 15
  • Origins incredible spreadable smoothing ginger body scrub
  • Air stocking spray (aka self tanners) if you have skin imperfections you are concerned about


Feeling motivated? So am I! My goal was just to give you a few key items for your trip to the beach; but these ladies really inspired me. Therefore, this is one of a two part blog post. Next up? My tips for the stylish woman AND her kid(s), if applicable, at the beach. Think I should do one for the fellas, too? Just let me know!


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