Seattle Sunday: Vintage & Pre-Loved Finds from Citizen Rosebud

 Citizen Rosebud.

 Vintage love all around. I've had that coat for (eek!) over 20 years, that dress for 10 and bought that extraordinary cape on the dress form from the Citizen last winter.

I don't know about you, Dear Reader, but my teen years were spent in thrift stores, on the eternal quest to find something that communicated who I was through my clothing while managing to stay within my teenage budget — it was no easy task. Parenthood has made every minute more valuable and my love of shopping has shifted to brick and mortar stores and online. But, my love of vintage coats will never die. And that is where the Citizen got me.

Citizen Rosebud, AKA Bella, is a die-hard lover of all things vintage. With special love for American-made items, she knows her history through clothes. Each dress, each coat, every pair of shoes has a story and Bella is dying to tell it to you. 

After purchasing two coats from her within the same week, she offered me the opportunity to do a guest post on her blog. When I enthusiastically agreed and then asked to buy a third brown coat, she lovingly asked whether I really needed it. Now, that's a caring woman. Of course, I told her that I did. And there has not been a moment of regret since. I'm including photos so you can see how amazing they are. Plus, one of a kind vintage. Hello!

5 Reasons Why You Need the Citizen in Your Life.

 Vintage MOD Red and white mini dress by Fritzi California. thecitizenrosebud. $54.

1. She gets you. 

Yes, she does. She gets your obsession for the item no one else has and she's right there with you. If you reach out directly with a request, she'll offer up items from her stock that may not be available on eBay or her Etsy site. No dice? She'll keep an eye out for you until she finds something comparable.

 Deadstock Leslie Faye ivory knit dress. Thecitizenrosebud. $54.

2. She's all about making it easy for you. 

I happen to be lucky enough to live close by. Therefore, when I'd like to take a sneak peak at the Citizen's stash, I just visit. But, if you are far away, she offers person-to-person virtual trunk shows via Skype or Google Hangout. 

 Vintage 1950's Cherry red boucle coat with brown mink collar. thecitizenrosebud. $119. It's XL or I'd already own it.

3. She's a local.

If you are a fan of shopping locally, you can't get any more local than Citizen Rosebud. Because her stock is available online, you can peruse her lovingly curated stash easily and impulsively while still knowing that you are supporting local small businesses. 

 Vintage 1960's Hawaiian Aloha Hawaiian print pants romper by Alice. Thecitizenrosebud. $34.

4. She'll cut you a deal.

All Poplin readers receive a discount from Citizen Rosebud. Simply enter the codes below when you shop.

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 Biker black leather jacket with fringe by Drag Specialties. Thecitizenrosebud. $189.

5. She knows just what to say.

From the 'Bud, "We feature quality, quirky, quintessential vintage and pre-loved goods."

It's true. I included coats; but you know they are my weakness. Plus, this is the best time of year to go looking for pre-loved coats and boots — when no one else is. And, these two were too good to pass up. Remember to take advantage of the discount codes. Now, off to rekindle your love affair with vintage and pre-loved clothing.