Bouclé. That's right. Bouclé. Get some.é

Welcome to our first really rainy work day in some time. This is the sort of morning you wake up and have two options: 1. put on something super comfortable that may or may not be super flattering. Or, 2. put on something really put together that may or may not be foiled again by your cozy cardigan half way through the work day.

Cardigans. I love them. I hate them. I am constantly on the hunt for real alternatives. And, I'm happy to report that I have one to share with you.


Our friends at Wikipedia have supplied this photo to make it easier to identify. In short, it's a novelty yarn with loops similar in size. 

You need it. Naturally, you can find it in all sorts of apparel- skirts, dresses, and so on. But, I challenge you get a bouclé jacket and rock it as an alternative to your everyday cardigan. In an effort to help out, here are some of my favorites right now:

 Bouclé Jacket. H&M. $49.95.

1. H&M.

Seriously. So affordable and in this case, very cool. It's easy to see how versatile this jacket can be. Use it as an alternative to your ubiquitous black cardigan- Zipped up you can pair it with colored skinnies, a pencil skirt or let it transform your dress into a skirt. Or- keep it open. Suddenly it is perfect with a pair of jeans and a long print t-shirt. Boots, here you come.

2. Splendid.

Ah, Shopbop. It has so much to offer us. This happens to be the bouclé jacket with the lowest price tag on the site right now. That's a nice indication of how many high end designers are rocking this trend. Lucky for us, it's crazy versatile, reasonably priced and attractive. Obviously, you can pair with jeans as in the photo. But, I'd encourage you to take full advantage of the array of color pairings that navy blue brings: oranges, reds, greens, yellows, browns. It's memorable and very useful- a rare combination. The sleeves are pretty casual, so this one is going to work better for a more casual office or weekend-wear.

 Splendid Bouclé active jacket. Shopbop. $148.

3. Rebecca Taylor.

This one is a nice representation of what's going on in designer-land right now. Leather, of course, is everywhere. Pairing the leather and bouclé balances something a little more vintage and conservative (bouclé) with something a little more rockstar (leather). Pair this with high quality trousers and a nice heel and you are CEO material. This particular jacket is a great reminder about how to pair this fabric. Bouclé can be reminiscent of Mad Men and Jackie O -- or your grandmother. How you pair it determines the effect. So, either keep it playful and balanced -- Go with denim, leather or something edgy and soft. Or -- go for full blown sophisticated ruler of the free world and enlist a red shoe for a pop of color or a chunky necklace that says current and confident. 

 Rebecca Taylor Bouclé & leather jacket. Nordstrom. Was $595 Now $356.98

Regardless of the approach, the key is to integrate a boucle jacket into your wardrobe to keep you warm, stylish and ensure your cardigans (while lovely) aren't robbing you of the impact of an otherwise spectacular look.