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Fall Fashion Spotlight: Lightweight Jackets

As a personal stylist for women, I spend a great deal of my time with real women, helping each women determine her personal style. Knowing your personal style isn't enough. Clothes need to be functional for your life and realistic for your budget. And, of course, they should be flattering for your body type. This may sound tricky, but it isn't. It's all about having the proper filters to know what to wear and what to buy. 

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My Favorite Piece- Plus Size Coats Edition

Hello Dear Reader,


It has been a while but I come to you with an essential element of changing weather dressing. The magnificent coat. Now for many of us it may just be a way to stay warm and dry during these volatile months; however once again a utilitarian object can become a distinct and personality driven piece of your wardrobe.

Truth be told this time of year is like candy to me. Sweaters come out, coats become a staple and boots are plentiful. To be honest however some of the excitement for me is tempered by the fact that I rarely get cold until it is true winter. So layering sweaters with coats is difficult. I tend to stick with light layering when donning a heavier winter coat. Regardless, I love coats. The different styles, textures, colors, weather-proof, and accessories just sends me into a tizzy of thrills. As follows are some the newest coats available from lighter layers for that too warm bus commute, to heavier anoraks ready for fall morning treks with the dog.



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Bouclé. That's right. Bouclé. Get some.

Welcome to our first really rainy work day in some time. This is the sort of morning you wake up and have two options: 1. put on something super comfortable that may or may not be super flattering. Or, 2. put on something really put together that may or may not be foiled again by your cozy cardigan half way through the work day.

Cardigans. I love them. I hate them. I am constantly on the hunt for real alternatives. And, I'm happy to report that I have one to share with you.

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