American Made: Feral Childe.

 Feral Childe Crows nest vest. $295. Feral

I'm lucky to work with all different types of clients and I've learned that each of us has our "thing." We may not realize it until we are talking about it. Sometimes it's a certain type of clothing, for example tailored or boho. But, more often than not, it's something a little bit more unexpected: Does the retailer have a fair return policy? I really like fabrics with birds on them. Or, I prefer if the retailer has a generous charitable giving program. It's pretty incredible, as each client's desires offer a new challenge as we embark on updating his or her style.

 Feral Childe Deck dress. $254. Feral     

One of my recent clients will only buy items made in America.  Thanks to her influence, I've become mildly obsessed with finding great clothes made in the States. As you sip your Sunday coffee, I thought it might be nice to learn about one of my current favorites: Feral Childe, manufactured in NYC, designed and created in NYC and Northern California. 

I've been recommending pieces from Feral Childe to clients who "don't want to have what everyone else has." Remember that client who likes birds? Score! This deck dress has a subtle print that includes seagulls, so she can stand out in her conservative workplace -- without standing out too much. How about clients who are interested in vintage style? Check. 

And for clients who embrace companies who value sustainability, look no further than the Spade skirt "made from khadi cotton sourced from Indigo Handloom: yarns are hand-twisted, and woven on traditional handlooms without electricity. Truly handmade!" 

On a personal note, one of my "things" is that I love a skirt or dress with pockets. So, I'm especially fond of the Spade skirt for that reason. The model shown if 5'9" so you can see the advantage of this piece for a taller woman.  

 Feral Childe Spade skirt. $158. Feral

Feel like doing a little Sunday boutique shopping? You can see some pieces from Feral Childe at Juniper, Les Amis and Velouria or online. Go America!