Your clothes do not define who you are.

And neither does your car or your house or your job. Who you are is defined by your actions, your words, your thoughts.  

Your clothes are tools to communicate to others who you are and how you see yourself.  For those of us who love clothes and shopping, they can also be a creative expression -- what is more gratifying than finding the exact pair of shoes to go with a dress?

Are you funky and unconventional as a recent client of mine described herself? Or sophisticated, vibrant and inspiring confidence? Do you value yourself enough to invest some time into looking and feeling great each morning? Or are you in a constant battle with the clock to prioritize your needs in the overall balance of your household? It's not always easy, but how we look does impact how we feel and how we behave. It also greatly impacts how others treat us. 

 Sea urchin necklace. $48. Nordstrom.

So, as we head into rainy weather and the half yearly sale at Nordstrom, I thought it might be nice to pass along a few tips to help you, dear reader, feel good about how you look out in the world, even if you only have a few minutes and even less motivation when getting ready. 

1. Accessorize.

Been in the house all day in leggings and a tunic length t-shirt? No problem. Add a bold necklace, earrings or a scarf to elevate your look without changing clothes. This young lady in the photo is doing us all a favor by reminding us that a smile is worth more than the most incredible necklace. If you have both, you can run the world.

2. Change your shoes. 

 Kenneth Cole Ciao Ciao oxford. $149.95.Nordstrom.

Okay, we are still working with your leggings and long tee. Sure, you could change. But, if that is too much to ask right now, go with wearing a nicer shoe. Instead of rocking your sneakers, Danskos or run down flats again, try a black or brown bootie (on trend), a cobalt blue or red flat (fun) or say sophisticated and put together with an oxford or grey knee high leather boot. This small step as you walk out the door accomplishes so much.

3. Add a little makeup. 

 Clinique Almost lipstick black honey. $18. Nordstrom. 

I realize that in our fair city makeup is something that women wear, but aren't super excited to admit. But, a little makeup after your moisturizer with SPF can go a long way. If all else fails, mascara, powder and a neutral lip color go far. New to lip color? My go-to gift for friends who don't wear lip color is Clinique's black honey. You don't look like you are trying too hard -- but you will certainly see the difference in how you feel wearing it.

Done and done! Now go show the world who you are and how you see yourself -- dare I say foxy?