Finding the perfect frames AKA. I can finally see.

 Pillow talk in Bermuda Blue. Rivet and Sway. $199.

Chicks who wear glasses are hot. True story. Sadly, I've always had incredible eyesight and just sat on the sidelines as other ladies rocked some spectacular frames. I know. Clear lenses exist, but it just didn't seem right. 

 Ritzy, genius personal stylist at Rivet and Sway.

When the doctor finally confirmed that it was my time to get some glasses (hooray!) I turned to my good friend and world traveler, Ritzy, who happens to be the personal stylist at Rivet and Sway.   If you haven't heard of Rivet and Sway, they sell frames for women that you purchase online AND they are a local Seattle company. It can be intimidating to select frames online- are they right for my face? Will they make a statement, but not the wrong statement? Luckily, customers can just reach out to Ritzy directly and ask for style advice as they are making decisions.  And, they have free home try ons. LOVE. Thanks to her genius and the fab array of choices, I ended up with Pillow Talk in bermuda blue. 

I asked Ritzy to share some of her favorite strategies with you! So, here are Ritzy’s Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Frames:

1.       Opposites Attract: Look for frames that contrast and balance your facial features. If you have a round face with softer lines, look for more of a square shape. If you have angular features, defined cheeks or chin, look for round frames to balance and soften your face.

2.       Embrace Color: Don’t shy away from a pop of color. Go bold or find something that compliments your hair and eye color. Frames that have a bit of your eye color running through them— a dash of blue, or a green interior — will be complimentary and make your eye color pop.

 Wearing my new frames.

3.       Size Matters: It’s true ladies. Determining the size of your face, whether it is narrow, medium and wide, is key to finding the right fit.  When wearing frames your eyes should be centered and you should still be able to see your eyebrows.

4.       Beware of the Droop: Avoid any style that appears to droop or sag downward. Frames that fall too low on your cheekbones will pull the face down. Look for frames that lift your cheek and eye area.

5.       Follow Your Gut: The truth is, when you know, you know. Block out the noise, silence the second opinions, and go with the frames that make you feel most you and ultimately make you feel your best!

An enormous thanks to Ritzy for sharing and now I'll leave you, dear reader, to your next to do list item of the day- researching when your insurance plan allows you get a new pair of frames.