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How to Look and Feel Great at the Pumpkin Patch

As a personal stylist for women, sometimes I have clients who want to save their "good stuff" for special occasions. Think of this as your good china staying in the cupboard until Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Here. Do You Know the Fall Runway Trends?

Who doesn't love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? For the unindoctrinated, Anniversary (as the groupies call it) gives Nordstrom cardholders the chance to shop the fall trends now. Even better, they are on sale.

Yes! They go on sale now, then up to full price after the sale. And few things are as painful as watching something you saw on sale go up to full price... unless, of course, YOU bought it for the lower price.

Nordstrom card holders get early access to the sale July 10th- 17th. That's today! Don't have a card, you can still get one:)

I find that the  most challenging thing about Anniversary is facing the concept that summer will eventually end. That makes it tough to shop for cold weather clothes. Plus, you've got to start thinking about fall trends to buy those pieces that you will undoubtedly yearn for come October. With that in mind, here's a guide to fall runway trends that you can shop for now and ensure you are comfortable and cool in the Northwest Winter weather. 

If you aren't a card holder, you can see (and buy!) the Anniversary deals after July 18th. 


Fall Trends, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & YOU.

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