I Ordered From ASOS and You Can, Too.

 ASOS Slim Fit blazer in ditsy floral. ASOS. $141.11.

Clients and regular readers have likely noticed that I'm a fan of UK company, ASOS. Affordable and fashion forward, ASOS offers an array of styles, colors, prices and current trends for the man or woman who loves clothes. After weeks of ruminating on whether or not I should order a red skirt from the company as my inaugural ASOS purchase, I was swayed by these words coming from my husband. "Red, a-line, midi, neoprene with pockets. You still haven't bought that? It's everything you love." 

He was right. Naturally, that night I ordered the red skirt.... and the same thing in yellow.... plus a vinyl shirt. Um, yeah.

As a personal stylist locally, I've discovered that very few people I've interacted with have ordered from ASOS. With that in mind, I thought you might find it useful to hear how it went.

I ordered from ASOS and why YOU should, too.

 ASOS Full midi skirt in scuba with pockets. No longer available in red, yellow. Currently available in black, wine, mint green. Was: $65.85 Now: $48.92.

1. Style.

As part of my work with clients, I suggest that every client come up with three key words he/she would like a perfect stranger to use when describing the client's style. We use these as a filter throughout the process. A client who describes her client as funky is not going to wear the same item that a polished client would choose, even if they both have the same body type. This is the beauty of ASOS- Funky, polished and everything in between is available to you.

 Diesel Cowl Neck body conscious dress. ASOS. $150.51.

2. Finding your size is easy.

At ASOS, exchanges are not an option, but returns are. That means that if something doesn't fit, you must send it back as a refund and purchase it again. It's a bit cumbersome so the company does it's best to keep you from selecting the incorrect size in the first place. The size guide lists bust, waist and hip measurements for each size. They also explain how to measure, as proper measuring is essential. Even better, sometimes they go above and beyond by giving you an alternative way to find your size of a specific item. Simply measure something you already own that fits and use those measurements. I'm a big fan of this trick when you are concerned that you may not be measuring correctly or if you want to buy something that is the same size as another item you have.

 Textured shorts in leather look. ASOS. $65.85.

3. Affordability.

Like Forever 21 and Nordstrom? You'd be surprised how common that is. ASOS allows you to shop more affordable fast fashion pieces and high quality investment pieces simultaneously from the same retailer. Love.

 Little Mistress Marble Print Plus Size Maxi dress. ASOS. $112.88.

4. The Runway.

Over the last couple of years, user friendly retail websites have given shoppers the opportunity to see someone walk in the piece prior to purchase. My favorite aspect of ASOS's virtual runway? It's caused me NOT to buy things. That's right. It can be challenging when everything looks good on a site. When viewing a dress on the runway, I can see if it clings, or if it is see-through. This technological investment by the company means fewer pieces to return. Something to note: Women view the runway and men, "watch the video." It looks like they are paying attention to their customers. Nice work, ASOS team. 

 ASOS Suede Western jacket. ASOS. $235.18.

5. Quality.

As I mentioned, I bought three items from ASOS. The top was too small because it is made of vinyl and doesn't give me freedom to move. I often go smaller on tops, but I should have gone with my dress size. Alas. All the measurements in the world don't account for the ability a fabric needs to give. In contrast, the skirt I purchased in yellow and red was shockingly high quality. It was thicker than I expected and washes very well. The sizing is perfect and the colors are great, too. Score.

 I heart my red skirt from ASOS. Plus, I'm wearing my new top from the Poplin event at the Limited, too. Happy times!

So there you have it. Don't be afraid to take a chance. After all, if you are an online shopper who isn't afraid of returns, it may be worth taking a look. You won't be seeing the same dress on another woman at the party. And, you can pick up a little something for the one you love (male or female) in the same session. Go!


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