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The Ideal Family Photos- Stylish and Affordable

The Happy Film Company Photo Shoot Package is $550. 

This includes a 45min photo shoot and all digital images (approx. 75-100). 
You can add a video to your package for $175. 

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Win a Wearable Accessory!

Yes! I had a fitbit just like everyone else. It was so addictive, so motivating, so obviously a fitbit. When I got paint on the black case, I was forced to switch to the green one. Sure, it was fun. But it was even more obviously a fitbit. Eventually, I just stopped wearing it altogether.

Well, lucky for all of us, times have changed. Now you can race toward your fitness goals without looking like you are rocking your gym gear. Even better? You can do this while looking great and if you are a Poplin fan on Facebook, potentially for free. 


Stay Fit Without Compromising Your Style

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