Win a Wearable Accessory!

Yes! I had a fitbit just like everyone else. It was so addictive, so motivating, so obviously a fitbit. When I got paint on the black case, I was forced to switch to the green one. Sure, it was fun. But it was even more obviously a fitbit. Eventually, I just stopped wearing it altogether.

Well, lucky for all of us, times have changed. Now you can race toward your fitness goals without looking like you are rocking your gym gear. Even better? You can do this while looking great and if you are a Poplin fan on Facebook, potentially for free. 


Stay Fit Without Compromising Your Style

As a personal stylist in Seattle, I'm all about ensuring that your look communicates your personal authentic style. For many, fitness is a big part of that. But, for most of us, it isn't. When you are giving that big presentation or out with your partner, there's no need for your audience to be reminded that you are tracking your steps each day. Wearables solve this problem by ensuring that you look smashing and your fitness goals are all your own. Wearable accessories make sure you look great at the same time. Personally, I'm obsessed with Funktional Wearables. Here's the bracelet I picked up for myself about a month ago. 

The experience has been so enlightening, I wanted to you, Dear Reader, to enjoy it too. So I reached out to the good people at Funktional Wearables and we'll be giving away one wearable accessory to a lucky winner. That could be YOU.

I Want to Win!

I want you to win, too! Just make sure you like Poplin Style Direction on Facebook. That's it. You're entered!

When I Win, What do I Get?

This is the BEST part. You can choose any wearable accessory from Funktional Wearables. There are bracelets, necklaces, unisex items, the list goes on. Check out the gallery here. Ensure that what you choose matches your unique personal style and your wrist size (if you opt for a bracelet). 

Will it Work with MY Tracker?

Funktional Wearables work with: Fitbit® Flex, Fitbit® One, Fitbit® Charge, Charge HR, Fitbit® Zip, Jawbone® Move, Jawbone® Up, Pebble® Smart Watch, Avia® Aspire, Misfit® Shine or Misfit® Flash activity trackers.

When Will you Announce the Winner?

That's it! The drawing will be held on Sunday, February 7th and will be announced on the blog and of course, on the Poplin Facebook page. Until then, I'll post some of my favorite wearable accessories from the site, styling tips and more. Enter to win!

P.S. If you are already a Poplin Facebook fan, thank you. I really appreciate you reading the blog and supporting Poplin on social media. Have a friend or family member that you think might like it, too? Pass it on!