When I Win my Wearable Accessory, Which One Will I Choose?

 The ARMELLE Set. Compatible with the Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. $64.

If you haven't already heard, Poplin Style Direction is giving away a free wearable accessory of your choice from Funktional Wearables. All you have to do is like Poplin on Facebook to be entered to win. So easy! (Share this giveaway and be entered 10 times!)

Now, the hard part. How does a girl choose the perfect wearable accessory? I'm rocking mine everyday and now considering getting a couple more because they are so hip. Who would ever know there's a fitbit hiding in there?! I digress. Let me show you a few of my favs. Have some of your own? Do tell.


My Favorite Wearables from Funktional Wearables


1. A Bold Necklace.

If you have a triangle, hourglass, rectangle or diamond body type, this one is calling your name. Click on the images to see which tracker is compatible for each. And, these are just a couple of my favorites. Make your signature piece a home for your fitbit tracker. 

 The Jennifer. Compatible with Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. $48.


2. A Bracelet that Exudes Your Personal Style.

As a personal stylist, I'm frequently reminding clients that your coat makes your first impression. This is especially true in the rainy city. But your accessories can change the vibe of your outfit completely. Imagine you in your favorite LBD. Now, go through the photos below and imagine yourself rocking each one. You'll quickly discover that some don't at all feel authentic to you. While others  are right on. Why? Because each piece communicates a different style. From boho to edgy to bold and everything in between. Track your fitness while showing the world who you are.

 The James in black vegan leather. Compatible with  Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One or Avia Aspire Trackers.  Funktional Wearables. $44.

 The Brooke in black. Compatible with Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. $42.

 The Hadley in Silver & Gold. Compatible with the Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. $42.

 The Kate. Available in multiple colors. Compatible with Fitbit. Funktional Wearables. $36.

 The Indra in orange. Compatible with the Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. $44.

 The Kendall in green. Compatible with the Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. $44.

 The Celine in copper. Compatible with the Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. Was: $42 Now: $32.

The Lois in blue. Compatible with the Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. $42.


3. A Stylish Watch.

Let's face it, one of the biggest challenges with rocking a tracker bracelet is the entire watch bracelet conundrum. Do I wear them on the same arm? Different arms? Oh, dear. One solution is to wear a tracker bracelet that IS your watch. (FYI- I always wear a watch and generally opt to wear bracelets on the other arm unless the bracelet is in the same spirit as my watch. For example, if wearing a mixed metal or single metal watch, I'll wear metallic bracelet(s) on the same arm.)

 The Brianna Insight in Hematite. Compatible with the Fitbit Charge or Charge HR Fitness Trackers. Funktional Wearables. $44.

I can do this all day. The Funktional Wearables website is addictive. A few words of wisdom as you search:

1. Many of the pieces are available in multiple colors. A quick Google search actually helps you find them faster than looking on the site. 

2. Watches are actually categorized with the bracelets. So, don't get frustrated if you can't find them under the watches header.

3. Think about your style needs. Would a mixed metal piece solve all of your style woes? 

Now, make sure you've liked Poplin on Facebook for a chance to win. The winner will be announced on Sunday, February 7th, 2016 right here on the blog. And, of course on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Good luck!

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