Let's Talk About Your Bra

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One of the easiest ways to look better is to find a better fitting bra. True story. Any woman who has had a baby or major weight loss/weight gain is especially aware of this fact.

I feel like many women have heard this before, but that doesn't necessarily drive us to run to the closest department store for a bra fitting. After all, we are adults, right? Well, I'm here to encourage you to do just that and have the chance to help women in Africa. That always feels good. 

First things first.

You might be wearing the wrong bra size if:

  • Your bra moves up your back when you lift your arms.
  • There's spillage.
  • The cups wrinkle.
  • The straps are constantly falling down.
  • Underwire is poking you.
  • It just doesn't feel quite right. 

Okay, so it is possible that your bra size is incorrect. This can occur if your weight has changed, your body has changed due to pregnancy or it's been a while since you have measured yourself. Yes, you can techically measure yourself, but I find it's more effective if you ask a professional to do it. So, head to your local lingerie department and ask for some help. To be sure you are getting what you need, here are some tips to make sure your new bra is just right for you and your body.

Make Sure it Fits.

When you head out to the lingerie store for a new bra, make sure it fits. Here's how:

  • When putting the bra on, bend forward then hook. This way your breasts are in the bra properly. Adjust the straps so that they do not slide off of your shoulders but also are not tightly pinching you. First tighten the band, then follow by shortening the straps.
  • The front of the bra should be level with the back. 
  • You want the bra to fit best when you are using the outermost hook. That way if the bra changes shape over time or stretches out, you can simply use a hook closer to the inside.
  • You should be able to fit one finger in between the band and your skin. If more fit, this isn't the size for you. 
  • Try on a slim shirt over the bra. It should sit smoothly on the bra. No puckering, no breasts falling out of the bra.
  • Your breasts should sit right in the middle between your shoulders and elbows when looking at your side profile in the mirror. If not, you need a more supportive and better fitting bra.
  • If you need to go up a cup size, go down a band size. Alternately, if you need to decrease the size of the cup, increase the size of the band.

Commence to Saving the World.

Now that you are looking and feeling better, it's time to determine what to do with your old bras. 

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Donate them to Free The Girls

27 million men, women and children are being held as slaves around the world and 80% of those are women and girls. Free the Girls offers an opportunity for the average woman to partner with women rescued from sex trafficking to earn a living selling second-hand clothing while going to school, getting healthy, and caring for their families. They can work as much or as little as their school schedule permits. 

In short, your gently used bra, the one that kept you from looking your best, can help one of these women make a living. Bras are a highly sought after item and some of the girls in the program are making 5x the minimum wage in their community by selling bras! Bras also provide an opportunity for these women to work with other women, since they have a history of being abused and used by men.

Learn more at Freethegirls.org and take this opportunity to do something for yourself while simultaneously doing something for women who need your help. 

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