Styling Your New Wearable Accessory.

The winner of the Poplin Style Direction Funktional Wearables Giveaway will be announced on Sunday. That's right, friends. THIS Sunday. So, if you've already liked Poplin on Facebook, thank you. If you share a blog post (including this one) about the giveaway, you get ten, count them, ten entries! You could be walking away with a stylish accessory that secretly contains your fitbit or other fitness tracking device. Fit and stylish. I love it.

Let's say you've done all that. It's time to start thinking about which accessory to choose. Here are some suggestions. Final step, how exactly do you style one of these bad boys. As your very own personal stylist, that's what I'm here to hep you with. Off we go!


5 Ways to Style A Wearable Accessory

from Funktional Wearables

 GINA Slingback Shoes. Topshop. $130.

 The Tory. Compatible with Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. $36.

 The Pernilla Dress. Marimekko. $350.

1. Understated Accessory, Fearless Outfit. 

This is where it all began. I purchased the Tory in gold and immediately discovered my obsession with affordable and stylish wearable accessories. I've worn this everyday since I bought and I can't tell you how many conversations I've had about wearables. I had seen the designer brands and those didn't interest me. That's not my jam. Plus, I thought that someone else MUST be doing something like this. Turns out, the good people at Funktional Wearables are. This obviously goes with nearly any outfit. I prefer it with something bold so it isn't the star of the show. 


 Drapey Oxford Crepe V Neck Jumpsuit. J.Crew. $148.

 MICHAEL Michael Kors Open Front Blazer. Nordstrom. Was: $225 Now: $168.

  The Jennifer. Compatible with Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. $48.

 Vince Camuto Sandria Lace Up Sandal. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $128.

2. Bold Accessory, Understated Outfit. 

A bold necklace is a blessing for women with triangle, rectangle, hourglass and diamond body types. If you have an inverted triangle figure (wider shoulders with smaller hips), this isn't for you. Don't worry, bracelets are your best friends. This distinctive metallic necklace can be worn as your signature piece or periodically. You choose. Let it be the star of the show. No one will suspect a fitbit is hiding inside. 


 Zandrine Leather Bomber. Club Monaco. Was: $695 Now: $559.

  The James in black vegan leather. Compatible with   Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One or Avia Aspire Trackers.   Funktional Wearables. $44.

 Rachel Comey Afton Sleeveless Midi Dress. Nordstrom. $425.

 Contrast Wraparound High Heels. Zara. $69.

3. Edgy Accessory, Elevated Outfit. 

Yes, the perfect white tee, jeans and a great boot with a leather accessory communicate a bit of an edge. It's a simple as that. But, let's say you want to elevate your look so that it's just right for the office or a big presentation while still communicating your urban style. A leather accessory and just the right pieces can do that, too. 


 Verlise Silk Maxi Dress. Club Monaco. Was: $249 Now: $209.

  The Hadley in Silver & Gold. Compatible with the Fitbit Flex. Funktional Wearables. $42.

 Kristin Cavallari Belle Lace Up Sandals. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $109.

4. Feminine Look, Unexpectedly Functional Accessory. 

Clearly I'm in the mood for metallics today. But, here's the thing: If you are only going to win or purchase one wearable accessory, I'd recommend it be something that works with everything. That does not mean it should be boring or practical. On the contrary, it could very easily be feminine, glamorous, edgy, whatever you'd like communicate everyday. After all, the purpose of a fitness tracker is to help you monitor your movement each day. As a personal stylist for women, I am obsessed with a mixed metal piece of jewelry. Never again will you struggle with a shoe buckle that clashes with the hardware on your handbag. 


 A Line Striped Dress. Zara. $49.

  The Brianna Insight in Hematite. Compatible with the Fitbit Charge or Charge HR Fitness Trackers. Funktional Wearables. $44.

 Dolce Vita Ciara. Available in two colors. Solestruck. $99.

5. Effortless Outfit, Sophisticated Accessory. 

You can't go wrong with a watch. After all, it's not the most curteous thing to be looking at your phone all the time when with a friend, at dinner or hanging with your kids. However, you do need to know the time. This, Dear Reader, is the trifecta: it tells time, tracks your fitness and elevates your look. Done and done. 


And there you have it. This list just gets you started. It's easy to get lost in the sea of wearable accessories out there. The key is this: It should work for your lifestyle AND your personal style. There's no need to sacrifice one for the other. Remember to enter!

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