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Styling Your New Wearable Accessory.

The winner of the Poplin Style Direction Funktional Wearables Giveaway will be announced on Sunday. That's right, friends. THIS Sunday. So, if you've already liked Poplin on Facebook, thank you. If you share a blog post (including this one) about the giveaway, you get ten, count them, ten entries! You could be walking away with a stylish accessory that secretly contains your fitbit or other fitness tracking device. Fit and stylish. I love it.

Let's say you've done all that. It's time to start thinking about which accessory to choose. Here are some suggestions. Final step, how exactly do you style one of these bad boys. As your very own personal stylist, that's what I'm here to hep you with. Off we go!


5 Ways to Style A Wearable Accessory

from Funktional Wearables

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