Seattle Sunday: Rachel Ermitano is a Stylish Local with Depth

 One of her signature prints, Rachel rocks the chevron.

 Fabric shopping at  DryGoods Design  in Ballard.

 Making it happen.

Initially, my vision for Seattle Sundays was to draw attention to local brands, boutiques and people who make up Seattle's style. I'm especially enthusiastic about introducing you to one of my very favorite local style inspirations, Ms. Rachel Ermitano. Artist, businesswoman, musician, teacher, wedding planner, hula dancer, style enthusiast and all around inspiration, Rachel is on the verge of launching her very own clothing line while simultaneously planning her own wedding.

It's a unique model — Wild Oleander will be a subscription service for dresses made just for you. Photographer Selena Kearney and I visited Rachel to chat about her personal style.

On the eve of her Kickstarter campaign, I happily introduce you, Dear Reader, to Rachel:

Poplin: I ask clients to use three words they'd like others to use to describe their personal style. What are your three (more or less) key words?

Rachel: Bold, feminine & classic.

Poplin: You are a very creative person. Can you give me a run down of a few of the many things you do to express yourself?

Rachel: I express myself everday with my fashion. I put garments together with my inspirations and feelings for the day. I also express myself through various arts. I sew, paint, dance, play music, and sketch. I gather inspiration around me to fuel my artistic side. I believe that self expression should be celebrated and I encourage those around me to celebrate themselves everyday.

Poplin: You are starting your own clothing line. Can you tell Poplin readers a little more about it and where to find details?

Rachel: I am on my way to launching my clothing line, Wild Oleander. I wanted to create a company where women could feel good about themselves inside and out. The model of the company is unique, in which you subscribe to be a member of Wild Oleander. As a subscriber you are able to choose a different dress every month, made especially for you. Every month a new line of dresses will hit Wild Oleander. Same fabric, various designs to suit body types, inspiration, and wants. Our website is

Poplin: You have a natural confidence, depth and style, what tips would you give someone who is considering upping his or her style game but is apprehensive?

Rachel: Don't be afraid to be different or daring. Buy things you love, not what is on trend. You can always pair a garment with different jackets, acessories, or shoes to spice things up. Your wardrobe should make you feel excited and confident to take on the day.

Poplin: What factors are important to you when selecting clothing? Do you follow trends? Think about fit for your body?

Rachel: Finding clothes that fit your body is by far the most important. You need a good fit to move forward. If you find someting that doesn't fit, go bigger and tailor it. Just because you can get it on your body, doesn't mean you should wear it. As for trends, I look at them and do fashion forecasting myself, but I dress to my style and tastes. I love vintage clothes and full dresses. I wear them because I like them, not because it's hip and trendy. Create a wardrobe that is timeless and you will never be off trend.


Feeling inspired? Check out Wild Oleander to learn more and sign up to receive updates on the line. 

I love people who aren't boxed in. Try what you love. Experiment. Be fearless. Need a little positive reinforcement and help with the execution. Reach out. Happy Sunday!

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