Surrounded by Love: The Co-conspirator

 BlissfulCASE iphone 5/5s. GeoPink Color Block print case. $25.

Hello, Dear Reader. I've been surrounded by love and I hope you have, too. The average person is probably still recovering from the holidays and questioning his or her New Year's Resolutions. In contrast, I'm all about the countdown to Valentine's Day. And, if you have been considering a style update, perhaps you are, too.

I've mentioned before how frequently partners purchase my stylist services for their loved ones (husbands, wives, friends, parents).  It's pretty great for me because not only do I get the joy of helping someone discover his/her style identity, I also get to help execute a surprise. You should know, surprises are at the top of my favorite things list. 

So, might I suggest that it is officially time to start dropping hints to your loved ones (or to yourself!) that you deserve a style update. (I'm leading by example by dropping some mad hints to you right now.) They say it takes the average person 3 to 7 times of hearing something before they internalize it. In this case, more is more. 

 Jordan Carlyle Downtown iPhone5/ 5S case. Shopbop. $35.

Perhaps a few anecdotes from partners will help. Examples, testimonials and all around enthusiastic texts are always helpful.

 Kate Spade New York Gabrielle Stripe Pocket iPhone 5/ 5s case. Shopbop. $35.

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