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Conserve Water: Buy Clothes.

I am a major political junkie. Plus, I'm originally from Northern California, and lived through a drought in my childhood. The result of these factors is that I'm hyper aware of our water usage. Lately, the news has been filled with talk about water- whether it's a story about contaminated water or a lack of rain, it's pretty clear that using a little less water would be helpful to the planet, but also ease my guilt, which is always helpful.

It occurred to me that you, Dear Reader, may be having similar issues (although I hope for your sake they are less intense.) I'm confident that we don't need to find more things to feel guilty about. So, I thought I'd make a few suggestions about how we can feel good about conserving water and still buy new clothes.

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Surrounded by Love: The Co-conspirator

Hello, Dear Reader. I've been surrounded by love and I hope you have, too. The average person is probably still recovering from the holidays and questioning his or her New Year's Resolutions. In contrast, I'm all about the countdown to Valentine's Day. And, if you have been considering a style update, perhaps you are, too.

I've mentioned before how frequently partners purchase my stylist services for their loved ones (husbands, wives, friends, parents).  It's pretty great for me because not only do I get the joy of helping someone discover his/her style identity, I also get to help execute a surprise. You should know, surprises are at the top of my favorite things list. 

So, might I suggest that it is officially time to start dropping hints to your loved ones (or to yourself!) that you deserve a style update. (I'm leading by example by dropping some mad hints to you right now.) They say it takes the average person 3 to 7 times of hearing something before they internalize it. In this case, more is more. 

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Last minute gifts and stocking stuffers

My biggest problem with the holidays is that I see the perfect gifts for pretty much everyone pretty much everywhere. Yup. It's a curse. Perhaps this curse can be a blessing for you, Dear Reader. Here are more holiday gift ideas. After all, there's still plenty of time for shopping and loads of wonderful people who'd love a little something.

1. Tween girls. 

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Stylish gifts for the entire family -- Go!

It's officially here -- the holiday shopping season. For many of us, it may have started a little early since there are only four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. But, for the rest of us, the panic is likely just setting in now. 

I find that things are easier when I just dive right in. So, how about an abbreviated gift list for you and yours to get you moving? Over the next few weeks, I'll post more elaborate lists for members of your family. Have requests? Let me know! 

For now, here are a few of my favorites:

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Black Friday in Ballard.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means the official crazy town of Black Friday is merely days away. Excited to start shopping for friends and family, but not so enthusiastic about shopping at 6 AM and the general beat down that has become part of this ritual? 

Well, I have good news for you. Actually, great news! 

Ballard retailers are doing something a little different. They are starting the season of giving with -- giving! Participating businesses will be donating a portion of their Black Friday revenue to local nonprofit organizations. That means when you shop locally, you help local nonprofits. And, you are sure to find some of your very favorite gifts, too. 

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The Evolution of Menswear: Looking hot and hip as you age

I recently received a request for a blog post about fashion for the hot hip urban man in his later years. Later as in 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond. As you can imagine, retailers aren't using many models in this demographic, so finding the right look can be challenging.* 

This got me thinking about the evolution of menswear. Decades ago, men and women "dressed" for the day. Somehow over time, with the decline of the suit, came the decline of the expectation that men put together a thoughtful ensemble each day. By the 90's, a man who put some effort into his look was known as a metrosexual. It was unusual, for sure.

Nowadays, men have become fashion enthusiasts- talking about clothes, grooming products, tailors and retailers with pretty much anyone anywhere. Personally, I'm pretty excited about this transition as someone who loves menswear and is lucky to be married to my very own fashionable fella. 

This also means that there are more opportunities for pieces that are functional and fashion forward for men of any age. The key: stay relevant and true to your style. Here's what you need to know now:

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Ack! I lost my keys.

It is about time. If you are like me, you have a million ideas about how things could be easier if only someone were to invent X. One of my personal favorites is the, "why hasn't someone invented a GPS for my handbag or my keys?" As it turns out, your friend can call your lost cel phone, but she can't dial up your handbag. 

Look no further.

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Giving Back: YouthCare's Barista Training Program celebrates 10 years

About 10 years ago, a group of friends and I started volunteering to prepare meals for the kids at YouthCare, a local nonprofit that serves homeless youth. We would shop for the items, cook, then head over to the old site of the Orion Center and serve the food. Despite already having worked in nonprofits, it was a powerful experience. I was struck by two things: 

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