Conserve Water: Buy Clothes.

I am a major political junkie. Plus, I'm originally from Northern California, and lived through a drought in my childhood. The result of these factors is that I'm hyper aware of our water usage. Lately, the news has been filled with talk about water- whether it's a story about contaminated water or a lack of rain, it's pretty clear that using a little less water would be helpful to the planet, but also ease my guilt, which is always helpful.

It occurred to me that you, Dear Reader, may be having similar issues (although I hope for your sake they are less intense.) I'm confident that we don't need to find more things to feel guilty about. So, I thought I'd make a few suggestions about how we can feel good about conserving water and still buy new clothes.

In a word: Bamboo.

Thanks to our good friends at Wikipedia, there's ample information about the environmental impact of bamboo. "The high growth rate and the fact that it can grow in such diverse climates makes bamboo a sustainable and versatile resource." In fact, "the water use efficiency is twice that of trees." 

Even better, you don't have to look like you have a hankering for some patchouli just because you are rocking bamboo. Below are a few of my favorites along with some extra reasons to invest in a piece of clothing made from bamboo. As it turns out, there's an entire website devoted to this. To learn more head to

Buy Bamboo Because:

1. It keeps you dry. 

Interestingly, bamboo is moisture wicking. That means it's ideal beneath your wool sweater.

2. It's thermo-controlling. 

So fancy! Indeed it is highly breathable and keeps you warm in cold weather. So far, a Seattle Must-Have.

3. It's antibacterial.

According to our friends at Wikipedia, this one is not 100%. But, you should be able to wear it more than once without it getting super smelly.

4. It's virtually static free. 

Call Bounce. Bamboo is coming.

5. It protects you from UV rays. 

What? Yes! Stay healthy, wear bamboo.

6. It's the kind of sensitive you've been searching for. 

Bamboo works well for individuals with sensitive skin. It's soft, comfortable and anti-fungal. 

It's easier to find modern styles for kids made from bamboo fabrics. But, if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll undoubtedly start to notice this fabric as an option when you are shopping. Give it a go. After all, if nothing else, you are doing your part to save water. 

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 Solstice dress. Five Bamboo. $82.

 Ontario 55 mm polarized bamboo sunglasses. Lenses available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $90.

 Dyerunner Eco-Thermal. Available in another color combination. GGO clothing. $59.95.

 J-Pod Henley. Available in multiple colors. FiveBamboo. $30.

 Bamboo Dreams Kai boatneck top. Multiple colors and patterns available. $58.